Pope: "Pater" to Catholics, "Infant Son"

…to the media. Because apparently every time the new pope does something for the first time, it has to be a headline.

Look, he went into his little house! Isn’t that cute. And this makes the front page at Yahoo.

The first thing I thought after reading thread was, “wait, Midnight Son usually isn’t this funny…”

Is it just me, or does he kind of look like some mad wizard getting ready to throw a fireball in that picture?

See that thing at the bottom of the article? You can use it to vote the story off the front page!

He looks like that in just about every picture.

This Pope is going to [b]rock[/b]!

Fuck you, my child. :D

This just in: Pope declares that God is better than Satan.

I’m not sure I can take all this groundbreaking news. My world is being turned upside down.

Dark forces unleashing evil energy? I knew it, he’s a Star Wars fan after all! :lol: