Porkins is dead

The creepy thing is, two days ago, with all my friends here working on wedding stuff, I looked up Porkins on IMDB and spent an evening explaining who he was to everyone here. Two days later, he’s fuckin’ dead.


Poor, fat, bastard!

Can someone photoshop him up flying a coffin?

“Red Six standing by.”

“I’m right with you, Red Three.”

“I’ve got a problem here.”

“I can handle it.”

“No, I’m all right. Aaaaarrrrrgh!!!”

It’s been said before, but do you need any more evidence that Lucas is a hack than that he named the fat guy “Porkins”?

The Calamari are angered by your dismissal of Porkins.

I had no idea Porkins was Echkardt from Batman. My expanded lore of useless trivia thanks you.

Why is it that the porky, ugly or geeky dudes are the ones used as throw aways. Its sending a message that only the beautiful deserve to live. However, being spectacularly attractive, I guess I dont mind. :lol:

Wow I also had no idea but looking back at it now I can see it.


Long ago in college I heard a song by a Stanford student who called himself Lawrence Iconoclast that was all about Porkins. It was titled “Ain’t Goin’ Out Like Red Six.” I hope William Hootkins somehow heard that at some point. Wish I could hear it again.

If I ever make it in showbiz, please don’t look me up and explain me to your friends.

If he was the “stay on target” guy I quote him all the time

No, that’s Red Leader.

No, that’s Red Leader.[/quote]

Actually, it was Gold 5.

So was he the guy that died because he stayed on target?

No, the guy who says “Stay on target” is the guy who actually shoots the first torpedo into the Death Star but alas it, as he says, just scratches the surface.

No, that’s Red Leader, who keeps repeating “Almost there…”

Gold 5 is a Y-Wing pilot who tells Gold Leader to “Stay on target” despite his pleas that the TIE fighters are too close.

Great men, all of them.

Their sacrifice will not be forgotten. It will, in fact, be argued in great, frightening, detail