Port Magic (AOL crap thingy)

Since my dad is semi-technical illiterate (he knows how to use stuff but not how to fix it) I recently had to re-enable his 'net connection. The problem? A new AOL service called Port Magic that is installed trough AOL 9.0. Nothing I did could fix it; no pings could get in or out. I uninstalled Port Magic and everything worked perfectly.

Just a little heads up to those out there. I doubt many QT3’ers use AOL, but some might be tech support people who have clients that do.

So, remember, folks; an ISP released a patch that disables the internet connection of a computer.

I just got a gig (my first real job in like, 20 years) as a hotliner for a French ISP, Free. So I’d like to add Norton Internet Security to the list of Totally Whacko Programs That Fuck Up Your Computer While Claiming To Protect It. What happens is, Norton does an auto-update and increases security levels in NIS to the point where nothing goes in or out, period. Result: “Um, yesterday my connection worked, but today it doesn’t, I didn’t change a thing…” Well, I guess that’s one way to ‘protect’ your computer…

We are told to uninstall programs like firewalls to test and see if the prog is blocking the connection. Usually I will try to find a way to avoid that, not wanting to expose the user to unnecessary risks, but when it comes to Norton stuff, I go directly to Add/Remove Programs. God I hate Norton.