Portable applications for USB drives

I have a 512mb USB drive and I’m just looking for some good stand alone and portable applications and utilities. Right now the only things on it are [email protected] and VLC player. I don’t think it’s a UC3 drive, but these two programs run fine off of it. Can anyone recommend any good applications?

I use Filezilla and Thunderbird portable.


I’m not crazy about the PortableApps.com applications. FileZilla and VLC are already standalone programs, and seem to run better than the PAF versions. Thanks for the link though, I’ll definately use Abiword.

I hear you. I forgot that Filezilla was standalone, but portable Tbird is great. I use it on my desktop so I don’t have to reinstall/restore profiles after a Windows reinstall. If you do keep a browser with saved passwords on your thumb drive, and plan to use it on Windows PC’s, I strongly suggest putting it in an encrypted segment: http://www.truecrypt.org/docs/traveller-mode.php

portable open office is pretty darn good.