Portable DVD Player recommendations?

I’m taking a trip to Europe with my kid this summer, and we’re looking to buy a portable DVD player for the interminable flight.

The things I’m looking for are:

  • battery life (ideally 8 hours)
  • region-free (we want to play both US and German DVDs)
  • small and light
  • plays DVDs (I don’t want to have to rip DVDs onto memory sticks or whatever)

My laptops don’t really fit the bill as their battery life and travel weight really suck.

There are quite a few players out there, so I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a brand that they found particularly good?

I like the Philips PET-range (7" to 10,2") but it seems like about 5 hours battery is what they offer, but the latest models has USB, SD-slot and a digital tuner and antenna. But all have a car plug, which some airlines offer (even in economy).

But if it’s just for the transatlantic flight, I’d suggest a carrier with decent inflight entertainment, which beats having a dvd-player on your lap for 9 hours.

5 hours wouldn’t be bad, especially if I can get a spare battery. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Keep in mind that brand name players are usually NOT region-free, though, unless you figure out how to unlock them.

This is the one I have:

You can turn down the backlight to the lowest setting (not a problem on a dark plane), and it has lasted me up to 12 hours easy.

Philips 10.2" Portable DVD Player PET1030

Pretty good for the price and size. It has a lot of nice features. Just make sure you flash it to the latest firmware. One thing I really hate about it though is no user replaceable battery!

region hack (I haven’t tried this):

Great features! The USB and SD card slot are enough to convince me except that I’ve inadvertently deselected the PET1030 by buying an Eee for a similar base cost.

Edit: Somewhat recently on a weekend trip to Portland, I learned that Hilton prevents customers from using their own media on the TV by crippling the TV inputs. I wonder if the only way to win that war might be small projectors. That or becoming a frequent/regular guest, I guess.

We bought this no-name player about a year ago, and it still works fine. Advantages: CHEAP, small, light, two headphone jacks, plays DVD+R/RW/mp3, comes with everything you need, including cables, remote, and car adapter, and can apparently be converted to region free, although I haven’t done it. Also, cheap. Did I mention cheap? Picture and sound quality are not bleeding edge, but they’re more than adequate. Cons: headphones are terrible (par for the course), and build quality is not topnotch, although we haven’t had any problems. I would estimate battery life to be about four or five hours, so if you’re going to Europe you’ll probably have to buy a spare (unless your plane has a power jack).