Portable Headphone Recommendations?

So I’ve had two pairs of iGrado headphones now, and while they sounded wonderful for the price, neither pair lasted. After the first pair died within six months I marked it up the fact that they were an open box pair that I got on the cheap. I got another, brand new pair, and I don’t think these ones even lasted as long as the others. I mark it up to the shitty, thread-thin cables that they use for them. If they just used the nice thick cables that they use for their higher-grade headphones, the iGrados might be my perfect pair of headphones.

Anyway, I need a new pair of headphones for use at the gym and walking to work (the Grado SR60s I have at home are a bit bulky for that, methinks), I thought I’d solicit recommendations for a new pair of headphones here. I’d like to stay around $50, though I might be willing to go higher if I really like something.

There’s a ton of headphone discussions in Hardware, did you do a search?

No, I didn’t. I’m also apparently retarded enough that I posted this in the wrong forum.

Please ignore my idiocy. Go about your business. Nothing to see here!