Portal 2 Announced


Here it is:

Wonder what the underlined characters mean?


d r a t t m a n n h 0 n e e

BTW, the GI cover is pretty sweet.




Not sure about all the letters, but hopefully it has something to do with this.


Underlined characters are apparently stuff for the BBS they have running.


I don't get it?


The cover looks so sweet on the physical book with the wraparound. My favorite one yet.


Yeah, I found this on the Steam forums. It's a login/pass for the BBS. Also someone pointed out this.


Everything is right with the world again.

What does this mean for the tie-ins between the Half life and Portal universes though? I hope an Episode 3 announcement won't be far away.


RATT - just 4 of the letters in there. Just as Bob pointed to Mann. Sincerely doubt it has anything to do with the 80’s hard rock band, though.


The outdoor view through the orange portal on the GI cover sure as hell looks Half-Lifeian to me. I think Portal 2 is the first crossover. Valve does like to pick up where they left off, after all....


Link to the GI cover?


Server's been getting hammered, though, so it might take a minute to load.


So does that mean the theory that Portal 2 and Episode 3 are one game might be true? It seems kind of far fetched for them to merge two successful properties like that.


It has been a long time since I played Portal but there were various bits in it that basically said it is taking place in the same universal as Half-Life, like various references to the problems at Black Mesa. I think they pretty much have to follow up on that if you're playing Portal outside of the test facility and show you that it is, in fact, the same universe.

I doubt they'd really make Episode 3 and Portal 2 the same game though since, as malphigian said, that'd be an odd way to merge two properties that are successful on their own.


There are references in Episode 2 to Aperture Science as well - the Borealis, the boat that Mossman is on, belongs to AS.


There's a whole Powerpoint presentation running in one of the inaccessible rooms of Portal that deals with the competition between Black Mesa and AS for government funding. You can watch it through one of the windows after you break out of the test area.


Further co-op hints in new hidden BBS data:


Also, I only care about the Portal side, so they should keep that in mind.


GameStop confirms co-op in the product listing: