Portal 2 Announced


Pretty much the only thing I thought I knew about portals was that they were red and blue. Colorblindness mode confirmed???


Psst: the portals are blue and orange.

Of course with co-op, does that mean each player only controls one portal, or will there be two new colors? Hmmmm.

  • Alan


Each player controls one entrance and exit, but for the other player's portals. At least, that's how it is in my dreams...


Yay! Bringing coop to non-traditional coop games is great! :)


I was thinking that each player would get their own portal guns but if they both shoot blue portals it would create a suction effect and if they both shot orange it would push things. There's probably a whole lot they could do with co-op other than just "have one person access this part of the level to open a door for the other person" and I have no doubt it will be awesome.


Just the possibilities of what you could be required to do with two portal guns, each with their own two portals with regard to momentum is at once getting me excited while at the same time making my head hurt.


If you could both shoot blue and orange portals, it would have to split you when you went through one, so either there are two new colors, or one player shooting an orange portal removes the existing orange portal. That still opens up a lot of possibilities, though...


I'm gonna sit in my own little corner of conspiracy and say the voice in the new Portal ending was a Black Mesa 'bot, not from Aperture Science. It didn't say the same 'submission position' line as in Portal, but I still can't make out exactly what's being said, but 'chelle is being captured by the other side.


Please. Not even mono believes that theory.


I think each player's portal gun will shoot its own connected pair of portals. Which means that to really make co-op work, they will have to do a lot of content that is co-op specific, requiring one person to lay down a portal bridge that the other person goes through and then lays down portals for the first person to follow. Etc. Will be interesting to see if they try to go even more brain-bending than that.

And yeah, if you could split in two when going through a single blue portal connected to two orange portals, it would be like Portal crossed with P. F. Winterbottom. Which would be so awesome it would cause the universe to collapse. Maybe for Portal 3....




They're actually designing an entirely different campaign for the co-op? So we'll have two different Portal campaigns to play through?

Valvegasm imminent.


I also saw it mentioned that Portal 2 will be a full priced release. The presence of a single player campaign as well as a separate Co-op campaign seems to go along with that. I think that's a great way to do extra content without making the main mode of the game too long. I really thought the original Portal was pretty much the perfect length. (In fact, if anything, it was just a tad too long in one of the sections).




I'm making a note here: Huge success!


This will be a triumph. It's hard to overstate, etc., motherfucking ETC. Problem is I don't believe Coulton could possibly top "Still Alive" for Portal 2. Hope he proves me wrong! No pressure....


Overused meme is overused.


I really like how Valve have turned their past issues with hacking enthusiasm around into positive marketing.


Yeah, why would people make Portal references in a Portal thread? What chumps!


Let's just hope it gets out of beta and releases on time.