Portal 2 Announced


I hope Valve does something along these lines. I'm still boggled by the fact that map transitions in TF2 lock up the game overlay, including the built-in web browser. That's the best time to surf the web, but the entire app blocks on the load.

I have no idea why the browser doesn't run in its own set of threads.


How it works now, anyway? do it unload all textures, models, etc,.. then load everything again from a clean state? if that is the case, a simple optimization would be to make the map loader only load was is truly new.. and unloading what no more needs.


I have tried to confirm the "double geometry" comment, but I can't. I can't manage to load a Portal 2 level in Hammer or Quark... I tried to decompile a map and load again in Hammer, but hammer die. I don't trust checking that in-game. So, please forget I made that comment. (I have learned the lesson too, to not repeat what other people say withouth veryfing it myself first).


Meh, loading screens don't bother me.

I do wish they could find a way to keep voice active when a new level is loading though. In Portal 2 and L4D as well, when you finish a level and a new one is loading is prime time for a little smack talk.


Ah. I was thinking a bandaid over a traditional map loading system. Sounds like Metroid Prime is doing area-based dynamic loads.


I know... it was just a snarky comment.


Anyone who got the Potato Sack wondering where the advertised "special skin" for co-op is? You may have noticed that you got a random "potato game" flag in the last couple days. According to the official promotional item FAQ the flag is the item that you get for buying the Potato Sack. Obviously there are some people upset about this on the Steam forums: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1857298 & http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1849837


"We bought a package of games, unsure if we liked them, with the promise of a unique skin, only to be sorely disappointed."

My care meter... unsubstantial...


While Portal 2 was an amazing game, it didn't quite satiate my desire for challenging portal puzzles! I found this site which has a collection of the best Portal (1) mods available:


The easiest way to get them is with their Desura client which is free. I tried finding the mods and installing them manually but got lost, gave up and just used their client. Much easier.


Thanks for this. I've been itching for some more Portal puzzles and have never played any of the user-created stuff for P1.


There are a couple good mods in there, but Portal Pro and Portal Prelude in particular are more about ninja skills than puzzling. That does make them harder, but it doesn't make them good puzzle games.

Blue portals is worth a look. You only get one Portal, but it actually has some fairly wicked puzzles instead of relying on hand-eye coordination.


I have tried a lot of Portal levels. Most are okay. Even the higher quality user-made stuff that went into the the Portal: Still Alive release just weren't as good as the official levels.

Of course, it's been a while, so maybe the mapping scene got better?


That's interesting because the description for Portal Pro is "Portal Pro is a set of test chambers focusing on solving puzzles locally rather than using complex fling techniques. The goal here is that the solutions are hard to come up with but easy to actually do."

I've been playing that one. I've only done 5 or 6 levels so far and they have been great! Even though as of now I can only create one portal the levels are pretty darn challenging so far. I'm currently stumped in one of the levels and had to quit.


I might be confusing Portal Pro with another one. Mod levels tend to blur together in my memory.


LEGOS! - Found this on Reddit...

Do want!


DLC #1 is coming this summer, and it's free on all platforms. Single and multi-player.

Nice to see that Portal 2 is a faster seller than even the successful Left 4 Dead games. There's hope for non-violent games yet. (Well, non-violent other than the AIs constantly threatening to kill you...)


Or turrets actually killing you.


Oh, yeah, there's that. Still, better inhuman turrets than violence from other humans/aliens. :)

I kind of thought of the turrets more as obstacles than death threats, as I never got killed by one.*

  • Not in Portal 2. I had a few fatal learning experiences in Portal 1.


Portal 1 used a finite health bar, as opposed to the current rapid-regeneration model, so that's perfectly understandable.


Oh? I'm fairly certain that Portal 1 used the rapid-regeneration model.


It did, I was just playing through it the other day on the challenge levels, and getting shot up by turrets over and over (trying to get them to destroy each other....)