Portal 2 Announced


Or lakes of toxic waste... or rogue energy pellets... or crushers... or incinerators... or deadly neurotoxins...


You know what, Portal 2 was missing rogue energy pellets , wtf.


I do miss the rogue energy pellets. It didn't have lasers though, did it? After the health bar issue (which I swear was straight Half-Life style), I no longer trust my memories of Portal.


The energy balls were assets taken from the end of half-life 2. Portal2 has lasers instead, which are superior primarily because they offer instant feedback.


But they deny the lulz of looking into a portal to make sure the energy pellet is coming , only to have it hit you in the face and die instantly.


lasers? You mean thermal discouragement beams :-P


I've been playing the Portal Pro mod for Portal 1 and after the first 18 or so level's it's getting devilishly tough! What's awesome about it is how simple the levels are but the solutions are very clever. No ninja skills, logic is what you need. I've shamefully had to look up a walkthrough for the last 3 or so levels and I'm kicking myself for not figuring them out. If you think Portal 2 was easy and want a real portal challenge definitely try it.


Editing tools are being released! I picked up the PC version on Amazon for $10 (it's on sale for $30 and my pre-order of the 360 version version netted me a $20 credit to use). Bring it on!


FUN FACTS: The PS3 version cost 108$ in australia.


Just got a look at the latest Hammer editor on a co-workers machine. Really Valve? I wish they would license our tech so I could use good tools to map for their games. :)


They seem to do okay with it... poor carpenter complaining about tools, perhaps?


Don't get me wrong, I love their games and I think they crank out some amazing results in spite of their tool set. It doesn't even have a lit preview window - I don't understand how they get any work done, but they evidently do. :)


My understanding is that WarrenM is right, Hammer has been "left behind" in comparison to more modern toolsets years ago. And UE3 have lots of money and work poured in it, because it's used by dozens of third parties.


Are those oz or us dollars? though that doesn't really matter, as its a pretty shocking price in either case...


But very slowly. Perhaps we know why :)


I will say this, my 11-year-old likes using Hammer over UE3 because it's simple. Creating levels is a matter of building things like you would Lego blocks. Texturing surfaces is a matter of applying patterns like wallpaper. In contrast, UE3 is more about carving rooms out of a solid block and has some arcane process for getting textures to not look like a close-up of a computer motherboard. Of course, UE3 is a lot more flexible once you really learn it, but at his level Hammer works fine.


At my level, Hammer works better for me too. I never really had the time to learn UE3 all that well and much prefer Hammer’s approach to visualization building. Not having a lit-preview bothers me sometimes, but it’s a fairly short step to run a quick compile and look at it in-game.


I've been in complete media blackout for Portal 2 until I got a large enough TV to make me not hate co-op games. So now that I have the TV, I'm planning to get Portal 2 for the boyfriend and I. So please excuse a question that has probably been asked a hundred times.

Is playing the co-op campaign before the single player campaign a bad idea? Spoiler-wise or for any other reason?


While I wouldn't say it would spoil you outright, the co-op campaign is set chronologically after the single player campaign, so I would suggest single player first. Co-op will also start you out with concepts (new items and such) that are better introduced in single player, so that's all the more reason to hold off.


The very end reveal of the co-op game can kind of lose its impact if you don't play the SP first.