Portal 2 Announced


The single player campaign is good and interesting enough that trading the controller back and forth or just having one person watch is probably still pretty entertaining, anyway.


Just go ahead and play coop first. It's not a big deal.


I played the coop first and can't imagine it any other way. It is so much better to experience learning with friends that are evil.


Still haven't tried co-op... I have no friends. Evil or otherwise... :-(


I played Portal 2 co-op with a psychiatrist. It was like having an anti-GlaDos along.



Your therapy sessions sound fun.


I played co-op with a couple of randoms and both were excellent experiences. There was even voice chat with both.


Psychiatrists are great fun to game with! Dr. Crane was a wonderful addition to our MAG crew.


Didn't him dosing you with fear gas put a damper on things?


I think that's too general a statement, because not all psychiatrists would be fun to game with, but Dr. Crane sure is.

(Hint: Dr. Crane was my Portal 2 gaming psychiatrist.)


which one?


I've got an unopened Portal 2 on my shelf just waiting to be cracked open Hans. Send me a message if you see me online, I'm really looking forward to some Portal 2 co-op myself.


What happened to the planned DLC for Portal 2? Months have passed since release, without news about it.


This one:


Where is the planned DLC?


Getting Steam on the 360 is not something we’re able to do right now, and that’s how matchmaking works. Microsoft are working with us for some other stuff you’re going to see in Portal 2 that’s kind of interesting – originally I was supposed to come over here and talk about that, because the Portal 2 DLC was supposed to be out by now – but you’ll see that we’re doing some more work with them. I think that as they get older and older, the consoles are all looking for more ways that they can let people interact, so we’ll see. But right now, 360’s not allowing us to do that kind of thing.

Are you hoping to get Steam on the 360 at some point?

I think Microsoft first thought that the PS3 was getting the Steam store, but when they realised it was just getting features that we use internally to make our games, I think they got a lot less worried. So with the second DLC, we’re talking to them a lot about features that we want and things we want to work with them on and they’re really open about working with us on that, so we’ll see.


I'm not done with the game so maybe the ending will completely change my mind, but most of the way through Chapter 8 or 9 I think and I'm bored. I'll probably beat this game in 10-12 hours, roughly twice what I beat Portal in, and frankly I wish Portal 2 had been the same length as the first. A lot of the game felt like filler so far, which wasn't crazy in the first one because I walked into that looking to check out a puzzle game. All of a sudden, I was getting hit with personality and story I didn't expect.

Now I know that is all there, so when I'm asked to run test after test after test just to proceed from A to B to get a few hits of some new VO, I find myself not caring about each puzzle at all.

I was going to try co-op out at some point but now I'm not 100% sure. I just don't have much desire to play more of this, especially considering everything coming out this holiday season (starting with next Tuesday... what's up, Dark Souls?).


If you are most of the way through chapter 9, you have about 6 more minutes of play time. Go ahead and finish it. How the hell did this game take you 10 hours?


Not sure what the normal play time is but I played it mostly during down time at work, and while it was down time, I would still have to put it down a lot to do little things here and there, so I would lose my train of thought.

Especially in the old section, I'd end up having to rescan all the distances trying to figure out what surfaces would take a portal.

That might be part of it, the puzzles sometimes got tedious because I would backtrack over my solutions because of interruptions.

A weird thing was at the beginning, when I first started doing puzzles for no reason, I kind of wanted to be using the portal guns in open, regular environments. Then the game granted that wish but I felt like they missed the opportunity for a more sandbox approach. They were just disguised puzzles.

edit: I am most of the way through chapter 8 it looks like. I might finish earlier than 10 hours, wasn't sure how to estimate the time until the ending (if chapter 9 flies by).


This seems like a horrible way to experience any game, movie, book or anything, really. Portal 2 pretty much was the same length as Portal 1.


I don't agree, Portal 2 was an 8 hour game... The first was maybe half that.