Portal 2 Announced


That's the single-player challenge mode mentioned; it doesn't alter or extend the story mode in any way.


Bah. I was hoping for some new single-player puzzles as well; I guess I'll have to wait and play the new maps with a friend and be deliriously happy because MORE PORTAL 2 FOR FREE ZOMG.


Also 50% off until Thursday (midweek sale).


So how does it compare with the 1st one (I enjoyed it very much - went through it 3 times)? Is it worthwhile in SP?


Portal 2 is the best game released all year.


Story/talkies are a bit heavier than the first one. Puzzles are roughly the same difficulty, though there are some new toys to play with/learn. Longer than the first one but still quite short. Maybe 10-15 hours total if you include the complete co-op campaign (Which you should include, since the puzzles are trickier and quite fun. Preferably play it with someone who hasn't yet gone through).

If you loved the first game it's worth $15 pretty easily.


Right, bought. If anyone else is just buying it and wants to do co-op drop me a PM or something (I'm on euro time).


Finished the DLC. It's awesome. Play it at your earliest convenience. The ending is absolutely brilliant.


Without spoilers, do the new co-op levels introduce new mechanics not seen in Portal 2? Or is it "only" new ideas using the same mechanics in the base game?


There's one new mechanic, but really it's a new combination of old pieces if that makes any sense.


Downloadable Content for Portal 2. -- There is no downloadable content available for this game.

(is this a euro thing?)


Disappointed about the SP levels. They're just levels from the campaign with a timer.


Is this a second co-op campaign or does it extend the first one? IE: I completed it with a friend, will we have to re-complete the co-op campaign to see this new content?


I'm so tempted by Portal 2. I loved Portal, and I'm going to get Portal 2 eventually no matter what. But if I buy it today, my wife will see the charge on the credit card and ask me about it. How will I explain? Gah!

Plus, it has a co-op campaign. Which means I should probably get it for the 360, not the PC, if I want to have a greater chance of playing it with a friend. Plus if I get it for the 360, I can buy it a store and pay cash, and it will be lost in my mountain of games and my wife will never notice. Actually, I can probably do that with the Steam version at stores too, and even throw away the incriminating evidence.


One thing about P2 to keep in mind is that it takes itself much more serious than the first one. Well, not really, but I can't find better words.

P1 was short and sweet and totally silly.
P2 is still silly, but much longer, and it goes great lengths to try and explain a TRUE story that's still equally silly than that of P1.
It tries to put all the sillyness into a real-world'ish context where everything is supposed to make at least some sense. And then this notion is permanently contradicted by totally silly stuff going on elsewhere in the game.
The intervals between puzzle solving get a bit too long, and many puzzle elements are used only once or twice.
Especially after you've broken out of the test environment, it gets a bit out of hand and stuff drags on for too long.

Still a solid game you can have fun with, but imo, they emphasized on numerous things they shouldn't have, which takes away from the enjoyment.



I completely disagree. I thought the pacing was perfect and the story was tight and well-presented. Portal 2 was one of the few games that I really had no complaints about. My game of the year, by a wide margin, unless Skyrim is absolutely stellar.


It's just a sixth set of missions. When you load up the co-op lobby (if you've already completed the rest of the content), you'll notice something new open up. Going over there will let you access the new content. Nine stages total. Up through the seventh, they're pretty good puzzles overall. I'll probably get through the other two tonight.


Ah, bummer.


As far as I can tell, the SP challenge courses don't even have any Achievements associated with them. You're just comparing your times and portal use against your friends. Very lame.

It's a free update, so it's not like I can complain much, but I really am disappointed that Valve didn't throw SP players much of a bone here.



Oh well, to try now the coop part.