Portal 2 Announced


I like the entire time / portal on SP. It's similar to how Portal 1 was. I really like the "community wave" where they show where you land in both time/portals. Hey, I want to be at least in the top 1/2.

I think we could have a friendly competetion here on QT3. I'm tmanpdx on steam if anyone wants to compare scores ;-)

So far, Anti-Bunny is the only one of my friends who have laid the beat-down on SP...Pyrhic and I laid the beat-down on the coop times. They are pretty challenging to try & figure out how to do something fast.


Odd, we went to the hub and didnt see anything new. Will have to look around more...


I'm tempted to get it now that it's on sale, but I don't have anyone to play it with. Is the campaign co-op only, or is there a single player campaign, too?


There is a single-player campaign that is completely separate from the co-op campaign. It's well worth the money for SP alone.


It's straight ahead and to the right as you enter.


Alright, thanks. I'm going for it! :)


And do try to find a co-op buddy. Portal 2 is hands-down the best co-op experience I've ever had on the 360.

So, WRT the DLC, are the SP maps identical to those in the main game? It's been so long since I played it I don't remember.


So Pyrhic and I completed the DLC coop missions last night. For some reason, it took us several attempts at trying to get it to show up in the lobby. We went into one of the sections where you can jump right to an area, specified area 6, but it only gave us the last level of 5. We quit & rejoined and the new doorway finally revealed itself. Weird.

Anyway, the new DLC was good. It didn't so much further the main story as it did highlight how a lonely soul can tortue itself. However, the puzzles were great. I found them to be tougher than the first go-around, with many taking several attempts at figuring out what to do.

I also found the humor to be funny as all get out "you took so long on that puzzle, it's no longer topical" (or something like that). I laughed a lot.

I'd guess it took us 90-120 minutes to finish them. Nice free DLC!

Jerri - there is no change to the SP maps, they just add timers & counters.




I've only played the very first puzzle of the DLC, but the base conceit is brilliant.


If you need a friend for the co-op let me know. I really want to get to it but I don't know anyone else who picked it up on 360.


I completed Portal 2's single player on the 360, but never played the co-op and don't know anyone who has it, who hasn't played it yet. I'd love to go through it with someone, and I'd be willing to pick up the DLC as well.

Ryan, or anyone, if you're interested, my gamertag is Inver and I'd have some time this weekend or whenever (I'm on the west coast). I think I can break my FIFA addiction long enough to get into this one.



I actually have played through the co-op campaign, but I'd join anyone who wants to get into it. It's a blast.


I just completed the single player part, and I absolutely loved it. Well worth the price in my opinion, and I think it could probably stand being re-played back to back with the first one, in a year or so.

Sorry, I hadn't seen your post. I've sent you a PM.


I've got 32 Steam friends with Portal 2 but it doesn't seem any of them are doing the challenge maps. So if you're looking for some times to chase, pop me an invite (Sluggo, in the qt3 group), as I've completed most of the maps pretty close to or ahead of the community curves.


Alright, so me and Marxeil did some co-op this evening, and it was great fun (although I think Marxeil is kind of pulling the load so far :)).

I'm just wondering if the game automatically saves our progress and picks up from that point, when we play again. Or how does that work?


At least in the original game, you could re-enter any of your previously completed co-op chambers from the main lobby or proceed to the next unlocked one. So yeah, it saves.


Alright, thanks a lot.


That's not true. There were enough time where I felt dumbfounded and you
solved it.
That said, Glados did say that one of us is doing better ;)


When I read that the DLC was only co-op I was a bit disappointed, but now that I finally managed to start playing the Co-Op I think it's great. Scheduling the Co-op is not always easy and we aren't using voice because of the later hours, but that said the experience it's just great, when one of us is not seeing the solution the visual markers make for great indicators, and on rare occasions a small text message solves the rest.
Looking at Steam stats for Portal 2 only half the people that played the game as experienced the co-op, but I think that is really worth the effort of finding someone to play with, to me it's the best part of the game, and I really liked the single player.