Portal 2 Announced


I haven’t even played the game Single. Just completed it Coop with a friend. Hope we get more COOP DLC stuff.


I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone new to game, if you play coop first the more simple puzzles of single player will probably be a little boring. Also if you play single first you already know every game mechanic well and you won’t drag your science partner down :)


In-game editor coming!


The recent free co-op DLC is even better than the co-op levels from the main Portal 2 game. I really hope there might be more on the way.


Hey guys. I bought this game at launch and foolishly never played it. I’m about to start single-player but would love to Co-Op with someone who hasn’t done that before. My stipulation is that you must have a headset. I am a law clerk in federal court, so I’m pretty busy most of the time, but I could definitely play Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Let me know.

My AIM and Yahoo names are Moggraider.


I still haven’t played the co-op, though I may not have the time as what little time I do have for games has been going to Dark Souls lately. What platform though?


Sorry; didn’t see your reply to the thread before. I’m playing on PC and still haven’t started co-op if you wanted to co-op up. Or if you’re not on PC, state which platform and maybe you’ll find someone.


I’ve been playing Portal 2 the last few days, and really enjoying myself. But when I try to launch the game today, Steam is perpetually on the “Preparing to Launch Portal 2” box and never moves forward.

Something wrong with the servers today? What’s going on? Why don’t I at least get some kind of error message? WTH?


Your Steam client is stuck synching to cloud. Close it, then reopen.


I should have mentioned I already tried that. It goes into a “Finishing Cloud Sync” cycle that never ends. If I say “Exit Now” and exit from Steam, and then restart it, the problem persists when I try to launch Portal 2 again.


… and after a couple of more tries it finally worked. Yay!


PC gaming at its best – keep kicking your box till it works. If it breaks, it needed replacement anyway.

I’m paraphrasing the great Murphy, of course.



Playing this at last… am I the only person who thinks the big open levels were a huge mistake? The start, like the first game, had rooms where everything had a role and you spent your time trying to fit things together with portals. In the more open parts of the sequel, if you can’t see what to do next, you have to hunt back and forth over huge non-interactive spaces to try and find something you can actually do, which is no fun at all.

All the physics is great, but I’m struggling to keep up enjoyment.


yeah, the jk simmons areas were harder for me due to the size. fun dialog but harder to solve, a lot of that due to size.


I think a lot of people’s experience of the open-plan areas was similar. “Neat except for that time I got stuck / lost for 5-10m.”

I love the meta-humour of the testing AI getting an addictive little jot of computerized dopamine or whatever by having a puzzle solved every couple of minutes - since that describes Portal when you’re challenged but never stuck.


Those Portal guys have a direct line to the part of my brain that digs video games. I think that if it were possible to chart out some kind of fun/time spent, Portal 2 would probably have the highest quotient I’ve ever experienced. Even the Cave Johnson sections were a blast to me, I didn’t mind the slower pace one bit. I can’t wait to see whatever those guys will do next, even if it’s more Half Life.


Portal Stories: Mel is coming. (Mel is the blonde co-op partner that was cut from Portal 2 early in development when Valve decided to go with the two robots instead.) This is a mod made by eight people that adds a twenty-mission story that fits between Portal and Portal 2.


Thanks for the info , this looks great!


Oh sweet, this is the best news I’ve seen in a long time! I wasn’t really expecting Portal 3 in quite a while, if ever. This should do nicely.

Edit: nobody mentioned the fact that this game is going to be free!


What it looks like to be crushed between two portals: https://youtu.be/0TZd95BCKMY

Almost has an Interstellar look about it.