Portal 2 Announced


Fire from a Lemon, Cave Johnson’s engineers did it!


I got a message from my 10 year old nephew today on Steam saying “I finally finished Portal 2! That was hard! But so good! It was worth it”.

I congratulated him. And he proceeded to invite me to a game of Portal 2.

That didn’t compute with me for a minute. How can he be inviting me to play Portal 2 with him?

Oh right! Portal 2 had a Co-op campaign! I totally had forgotten all about it!

So I told him to hold on a minute, while I installed the game.

Portal 2: where will you co-op it?

Portal 2’s Co-op campaign is great.


Excuse the rumor-based bump, but the guy behind the excellent SuperBunnyHop channel, George Weidman, mentioned on Twitter that he’s heard rumblings from his developer friend that something Portal related might be announced at the Game Awards.


Chell, P-Body, and Atlas coming to Dota 2.

Potato Gun coming to CS:GO.


I think I would consider ending my friendship if my developer buddy told me something Portal-related was happening, and it ended up being cosmetic add-ons. :(

Maybe it’s some kind of V.R. project, since Valve have some kind of interest in that area?


Hats. Hats everywhere.



Huh. That could be pretty cool actually (I seem to remember there being some kind of unofficial thing a bit like this shortly after Portal 1 came out).
The only other Portal related thing I’d want to see without the original writing talent involved would be Half Life 3 with a portal gun, and we all know that’s not happening.


Oh wow. I mean, part of me will always celebrate more Portal in whatever form it comes, but the dudes who wrote the game’s, Cher, Erik and Jay - they’re gone now right? Is this just going to feel like a pale imitation? I don’t know how to feel.


This isn’t even from Valve. It’s a licensed title from Headup Games.


I doubt there’s going to be much in the way of writing. It’s Bridge Constructor, but with portals.


But it’s going to have GlaDOS. Is she just going to be mute?


I can’t tell if you’re joking about the original writers not being involved or just didn’t read the Eurogamer article.


I didn’t read the eurogamer article.


The article doesn’t say anything about the writers.

And, fine, there’ll clearly be some writing. But DotA 2 has GlaDOS saying stuff and I wouldn’t consider that to have much in the way of writing.


Yeah, I think “flavor audio for a Bridge Constructor game” has a lower bar to clear writing-wise.


No need to get snippy, I’m not trying to ensnare you in some elaborate Internet “aha!” moment. But if you consider yourself a fan of the Portal games, and I do, then the fact that a property is planning to use its characters but potentially the writers who made them interesting might be a little worrying. If the idea is that they’re just using portal mechanics, that’s something else I guess. And I’d probably still buy it.


I assume there’s a missing not there. And yes, I’d obviously prefer anything Portal related to have the writers on board. Which is why I’m kind of glad this is what it is and not a “real” Portal game. I’m not sure I want to play a Portal that doesn’t have the original team on board. I’ve played mods, even very good ones, and they’re just not the same.

But there have been plenty of non “real” games which have used the Portal characters. DotA as I mentioned. Poker Night at the Inventory. Lego Dimensions. Defense Grid.


But there’s a subtle, and yet distinct difference in those games and what we are talking about in this thread - none of those are Portal games. I’ve never played Dota, Poker Night or Lego Dimensions but I think I know enough about them to say that they all have their own thing going on, whether MOBA or poker or just building stuff, that any added stuff like GlaDOS or the turrets or whatever is extra flavor for something you’re already probably enjoying.

But this game appears to be marketed as a Portal game, I mean it’s in the title. OK, it’s not Valve, but it’s their IP. Now if your response is this is the same thing, this is a game about building bridges and all the Portal stuff is added flavor, that’s fine, I drop my argument. But I probably won’t buy the game either.