Portal 2 Announced


That’s basically my argument, yes. This is a bridge building game which is adding stuff for extra flavour to something you’re probably already enjoying. There are going to be new systems, sure, which wasn’t true for DotA, say, but it’s fundamentally a Bridge Constructor game, in the same way that the official Portal expansion to Defense Grid was still Defense Grid. I don’t get where you’re seeing this as a Portal game rather than a Bridge Constructor game.


It’s in the game’s title, for pete’s sake! Why wouldn’t I think that?


Because it’s Bridge Constructor Portal, not Portal Bridge Constructor. Or, you know, watch the teaser.


That’s one hell of a semantic argument. You should be an attorney.


I think you’re getting tripped up on the wrong expectation. Maybe just because of the way this thread was bumped and we had a day to speculate wildly—optimistically even, if that’s your thing.

But this isn’t a new Portal game, and no one is going to be confused about that if they just see it read about it through the normal channels. It’s a Portal “flavor” of an existing game.


Wait, so it’s Portal 3?!



Ha, yes, I can’t see any way this could possibly go wrong. Anyway, I have officially lost what little interest I had in this game a couple hours ago, I’ll probably pick it up in a Humble Bundle in a year or two.


Bridge Constructor is great though.


I just watched a trailer for it and it puts me in mind if World of Goo, which is a decent enough little game.


They play very similarly, or at least exercise similar brain muscles. It’s not as charming as that game though.


Well Macrumors went and proved me wrong right away:

“The next iteration of the popular Portal franchise…” is exactly the sort of confusing message I thought would be avoided.


So… if Valve is going to start licensing their IP to other developers…

can they give the Half Life license to 4A Games??


We can hope!