Portal 2: where will you co-op it?

I have a 360 and a PC and am trying to decide which way to flip. Also polling my main gamer buddies about which platform (if any) they’ll be buying on, but wouldn’t hurt to read the tea leaves of the Qt3 massmind on this…

I’ll get this on PC eventually, but my kids and wife love the 360. Since they all thought Portal was great, I’m pretty sure I’d get killed if I bought it for PC first.

PC, most likely. But I’m going with the PS3 version, so there’s that option, too.

Getting this on PC or PS3 is probably the smartest idea if you want to play co-op. You get a combined pool of players available for co-op, and Valve has already stated that the PS3 one is the definitive console version.

I’m looking forward to playing co-op with a few of my friends who are picking it up on PS3. (Getting the PC one, myself).



Probably going to play through it co-op with my brother on PC :-)

PC with a friend on PS3.

PC with my mother on another PC. She can’t believe we can play over the Internet 300 km apart. Welcome to 1993, mom…

Wait…there is cross PC/PS3 play? SWEEEET.

I wanted to get it on the PC, but the lure of couch co-op was very strong, so I went 360.

Yes! But the details concerning steam users is vague for now. If you buy the PS3 version, you get the steam version “free”. But I don’t know if we’ll be able to play co-op with that PS3 copy and that free steam copy at the same time.

I’m guessing I’ll hit PC at home, and Mac at work!

This is my reaction too, particularly if you get the Steam version free when you buy PS3. That’s seriously cool. If that’s the case, I’ll buy a PS3 version to co-op with my girlfriend (who adores Portal like nothing else) and probably use the PC version for co-opping with others. Mouselook and all that.

I’m going for 360, but split screen rather than Live.


Ab-bot and Costell-bot, on a PC near me, soon.

Looking forward to chummin’ it up with a bro-bot buddy on a Mac, though.

I want to point out to the 360 dudes if you don’t already know that because of Microsoft rules, Portal 2 will not be able to receive the continual updates/addons/improvements that the other platforms will enjoy.

Otherwise I’d be on 360 too, that’s where most of my friends are.

Gabe already said the PS3 version is the “definitive” version, so that one.

Oh, I know it’s going to suck when measured against the PC and PS3, but I’m not buying a PS3 for this game, and the family really wants to co-op on the same couch using the 360. My hands are tied on this one.

I’ll just pick up the PC version later for cheap.


Well, as the ps3 includes the pc version, it’s kind of easy to point at it as the definitive version :)