Portal 2: where will you co-op it?


I’m pretty much exclusively a console gamer at this point but I’ll be getting this for the PC because of Microsoft’s anti-free-DLC rules, which seem more and more stupid every year.

As vocal a 360 supporter as I’ve been, I’ve found myself getting increasingly frustrated by some aspects of Live such as the locked-down DLC issues, the lack of dedicated servers, etc. Frustrated enough that this may become a sticking point for me when the next generation consoles come out, assuming Microsoft just sticks with the status quo.




PS3. Being able to play on 3 platforms > only being able to play on 2 platforms (or 1 if you’re going for the gimped version).


Playing it on PC isn’t old school. It’s college.


So it’s the best option for drunk people?


I’m tempted to get the PS3 version since it comes with the PC version but if it’s 10 dollars more probably not.


Consider, of course, that if you preorder from Amazon it also comes with a $20 Amazon promotional credit that appears to be valid on anything but digital purchases. So, while the initial outlay will be $10 more than the price of the PC version, the final cost will be $10 less.


Mac, probably, PC if I run into performance issues.

I’ve mostly been avoiding Portal 2 news and posts. Would someone mind telling me if the single player and co-op modes are separate campaigns or is it the kind of thing where if you play solo you get an AI partner? I guess if they are separate I’ll do the solo stuff first.


They are seperate.


Bought the 2-pack with a friend, so now i will play the coop with him in pc. :D



Portal 2 is a videogame?

I trought it was a recreational center, like Las Vegas, Walt Disney Orlando or the CERN.


This is my strategy as well. Split screen co-op on the PS3 with the girlfriend and it comes with the PC version for the single player.


Cool, thanks.


Well, technically, I guess it’s both.


man what


I was concerned about how co-op will handle the jumping in+out and playing with different friends. I learned from the gamespot now playing clipthat it uses a hub system so you tackle puzzles in segments. I don’t know how the co-op story will unfold then though.


So, I’d totally forgotten that Portal 2 had Co-op, since it’s been so long.

But when my nephew invited me I remembered “oh yeah, Portal 2 had Co-op”.

It took a couple of minutes to install (I love having Google Fiber), and then there we were, a blue robot and an orange robot. And it was hilarious. We played for about 15 minutes before I was called away by my wife to come have some breakfast. But man, this is so hilarious and fun so far.

I’m so glad my nephew is old enough to be good at these type of games now.


We continued our game of Coop Portal 2 today. It had me in stitches. Gosh, this game is so fun. It’s the fun of Portal 2 singleplayer squared! :P


Yep. It’s awesome. Played through it with my son years ago on the 360 and we had a lot of fun solving puzzles together.

And earlier this year, I got to start playing through it again on the Xbox One (yay backwards compatibility) with my younger daughter who is now old enough to enjoy Portal 2 single and multiplayer.

The game remains excellent in both modes. A classic.



Yeah, played it through a couple of months ago with a bloke at work…mostly at work. It was a damn hoot.