Portal is Game of the Year

/boobs pop out

Have I mentioned I love the press releases that have come of all this?

Great press release. Sad news - was my first reaction, followed closely by suspicion. It went thusly:

This is Valve we’re talking about. What if they’re still going to release a game in fall… just not Portal 2? Maybe it’s something to do with the surprise.

It’ll be the final HL1 expansion pack which is finally ready!

Don’t encourage them like that, Delta.

It’s Duke 4. They secretly bought the rights to it and are releasing it this year.

I’m going with Linoleum’s theory. I’ve been waiting on the vortigaunt expansion that never was since Gamestop had a pre-order page for it. Orange…something!

To be honest, I love the way that whenever Valve and GLaDOS are in cahoots, they actually tell lies to their customers.

Dammnit, delayed to 2011? That’s so disappointing :( There’s got to be more to this.

Uh, turns out I have an extra copy of Portal that I haven’t gifted. Not sure where it came from, but whatever. First person to PM gets this awesome game.

Maybe it’s obvious Glados only came to be after the mechanics had been worked out, but I thought this was pretty cool. Playtesters were asking when the ‘game’ would start.

I still get a warm glow within myself when I think about Portal. What a perfect game experience. I wish I could flashie-thingie myself and play it again for the first time.

Try having kids. My 10 year old discovered the old orange box Xbox game on the shelf and I got to sit and watch him play through portal. I think a lifetime of really advanced games kind of stole the magic away from him a little. He was not surprised much by the backstage areas or the twist.

My boy of 8 is playing portal2 with a buddy and I swell with pride at his smarts.

If by the twist you mean GLaDOS trying to incinerate you… was anybody really?

Portal 2 community-made sequel/remaster seems to be coming along nicely. Basically added much higher-resolution textures and real-time lighting.


With Portal and Portal 2 out now for the Switch, I’m seeing renewed appreciation for the games, like the article here:

So I installed it again. And you know I’m out of practice because I got stuck on Test Chamber 2.

Test Chamber 2 people! That’s the one in which you get the portal gun, and can only fire blue portals. I get to the end and the elevator won’t open. After beating my head against it for a long time I finally gave up and looked up the solution online.

It turns out, I was trying to get to the elevator I came out of. The really obvious elevator with the shimmering shield around it near the orange portal is actually the one I should go to instead. Duh!

I’m glad 2007 me wasn’t this much of an idiot.

Portal RTX is out. Same Portal, but prettier (if you have a Geforce 3060 or higher).