Portal Knights Megathread: I figure a title later


I played this a bit and after you go through the first few areas I found the game a bit repetitive and dull. I played both the mage and archer types. There are only a few monster types and you mostly fight them the same way. There is no loot other than crafting materials and after several levels you seem to have to grind to level up, which isn’t fun. Also some of the portals are hidden and I do not have the patience to mine out a world to find it. In one level there are multiple portals and the find portal ability keeps finding the same one, which really sucks.


Do not disagree. Anyway finding portals is kind of the game. Most of the time are on the surface or the end of a dungeon. You are supposed to explore. Theres a item that make funding portals easier, but dont wotk for me.


Yeah, its a magic compass. However, it will only find one portal. So if the one it picks is the obvious one, and there are 2 others, then you are SOL.


I had picked this up in early access ages ago and jumped back in for the full release. It’s, ok. Unlike say Minecraft, I don’t find myself with the desire to actually build anything. I unlock the portals, upgrade my gear and fight stuff, but I just can’t bring myself to build up a base beyond the crafting tables and a garden. I enjoy it in short bursts but overall it just doesn’t have the same draw as Minecraft or Terraria does.

And yes, finding the hidden/buried portals absolutely sucks.


Actually, the magic compass will show all portals in the level. The way it does so, however, is not very user-friendly for people not used to certain kinds of radar readings.


How? I had one and it always took me to the first one. I was even in one level and standing next a different portal, used the compass and it still pointed to the same one, so it is not proximity based. How do you tell it to switch portals its tracking?


I’ll try to answer from memory.

First, it only tracks unactivated portals. That means that when you activate a portal you should go through it, or you’ll have trouble finding it later, since the compass won’t help. Second, it shows little squares in the general direction of the portal. If there are two or more portals and you stand between them, you’ll see the little squares on both sides, which means it’s tracking both.

If the squares are all around you, you are directly above (or underneath) a portal.

Or maybe I’m just imagining things. It’s not completely unlikely either. I’ll check it when I get to play.


Then there must be a bug. It definitely kept tracking the exact same activated portal. Even on levels that I had fully explored with multiple portals, it always tracked a certain one and never showed more than one being tracked.


So, 13 posts isn’t very mega.

I just picked this up on the switch, and it has potential. Some things are crazy annoying, like the inventory. But overall, it’s kind of neat.


I a very cool game. I abandoned it because a bug wipe my savegames, and I don’t like to redo progress.

I played it with my cousin, thats the best thing, local coop.


I picked this up on the Switch as well. I never played the Steam version, but was enjoying split screen local mode with my other half. So far, it is a pretty fun Minecraft meets action RPG. It is a lot like Dragon Quest Builders actually. This is good with me as the straight crafting and building of Minecraft and its like turn me off pretty quickly, but the hunting for monster parts in recipes, underground dungeon exploring (or just finding a dungeon), and quests of Portal Knights all keep me interested. I like that the world is built procedurally and there are lots of links to new worlds to be discovered and built with meaner monsters, more quests, and new gear to be made. It is sort of like what I thought No Mans Sky might have been like, but it is a sort of Stargate-Diablo-Minecraft.

I like it. And I like it for Switch especially. It’s great fun playing local split screen docked or portable on a stand as you explore a world with someone. Thumbs up.

Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console

Have the improved the game-play? My gripe with this game was that after a few levels of exploration you had seen it all. The only difference was in how many HP the monsters had. My sense of exploration didn’t last very long at all.


Not really, no. They did change the “diminishing returns” design in crafting as you level up, which was a good change, and they added different quests and such, but otherwise, gameplay is as limited as it was before.


Maybe I am just in the early parts. I’ve gone through about 6 portals and I am still enjoying finding new areas and progressing my gear/ crafting options. I have a Mage and I am now getting some tier 2 spells going. Events are popping up all over and they seem to offer a lot for a Minecraft game. I had a Zelda like trials one and another had an old world overrun by very tough critters making combat really intense.

The monsters are more diverse than I expected. They seem to offer more combat variation than I am used to in a crafting game.

Also, for a procedural game, it is filled with cool exploration nuggets. I love trying to figure out what is hidden behind some odd wall or under some out of place flooring. They seem really good at hiding stuff. I had one moment last night that had me poking behind an odd wall only to discover it had a lake behind it and the room filled up with water and jellyfish as I tried to plug it back up. Said water continued to waterfall into new rooms as I went down the dungeon. It was pretty neat. But maybe in another dozen hours it will be old hat.

I still argue that Portal Knights is a darn good game for someone’s Switch library. I am not at all certain I would have been as enamored as I am if I had to sit at a computer or my tv every time I played.


How does co-op work? What if you’ve been playing solo and someone wants to jump in? Do they get comparable gear, etc?


It’s like Diablo…if you could save your world state. Each player has one or many characters on their profile. The game world is a save state. So, I can play, level, and loot with someone local coop as they are doing the same on a second profile (on the same Switch). I can play alone or with them on later sessions. Each retains their gear and levels. The world save retains the world building along with storage chests.

It’s pretty slick. Sort of like a private MMO server in your pocket. It’s not as sexy if you want each character to be tied to each other’s power if one plays more than the other (which I do). That said, it would be easy to power craft a lower character (save level restricted items). And…it really is nice having this pocket MMO like experience complete with system clock running timed events.

My other half and I stayed up waaaay too long playing this together the other night. :)


Ok, thanks. Another question. If I like exploration, mining, and gathering, but not into base building and survival games (though the combat I saw in a couple of videos looked fine), would this work for me?


I’m not one of those guys that likes to spend hours on decorating a manicured castle block by hour killing block. You can just craft the crafting stations and some boxes in an open field of you like. Placement has no value. That said I did sort of get sucked into building a basic but with some walkways and a garden…

I never really got into the survival crafters so I can’t really compare. You don’t have hunger. The monsters seem fairly varied in attack styles from spinning turtles that launch water vortexes, to plague spewing mummies, to golems that break into smaller golems. I feel I am leveling faster than the worlds, but you get a lot of experience from farming materials. I might start an alt to gather so as to lower the exp gain on my main and to also offset outpacing my partner. That said, at level 12, the encounters remain tough and dying is a thing.

The combat is simple lock on and roll while attacking. It is sort of like Dark Souls, but no stamina.

Is it for you? I can’t say. I like combat in my games. I don’t like crafting much. Star dew valley is of zero interest to me. However, this one works; it sort of straddles the middle enough of each to be interesting. And portable MMO like qualities as coop is pretty neat. You can’t split the controller here though. You need two full controllers (two sticks for a single character control). I use the joycons along with a pro for multiplayer.


Cool. Thanks again. So if you make a new character on the same profile, it will share the world state? Do you have the option to start fresh on a new character w/o deleting data?


The characters are saved on a profile. You can have multiple per profile. The world is save on the machine or profile (not sure as everyone seemed to be able to start a game on the one I made). You can have multiple worlds.

An added bonus on the Switch is the rumble feedback. It give a solid thump when mining or in combat. Actually it’s a bit too intense on the rumble at times.