Portland boardgame meetups


So now that we have had a gathering of some Qt3 Portlandonians (and one esteemed guest), I thought I’d set up a place for us to post so we can keep playing boardgames with each other. I’m trying to set up a game of Time of Crisis for sometime this week. I’d be glad to teach it (and, in fact, am planning on it since no one I have talked to has played it) and unlike the time I tried to teach it at @tomchick’s, I actually have a script and a plan. I’d love to do it in the “after work” time slot this Monday through Friday. @CraigM has suggested to me that he might be available earlier in the week, and @Exodor has suggested later in the week. I’d be glad to do it twice because this week is very open for me. If people want to do it Thursday, we could meet at the Lucky Lab game night on Hawthorne. Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday we could do it at Game Knight Lounge on Williams. Game Knight has a $5 cover to use their tables/games but I have a multiple-pass card and would be glad to use it to pay for anyone who wants to play.

Oh yeah, Seattle peeps are extremely welcome to join in general, although a specific weekday thing like this is obviously out. I’m planning to have a weekend game day at my house one of these days so maybe people would want to drive down for that.

Anyway, Time of Crisis. Post if interested, along with availability. Game plays with four, but we could do three as well.


I just realized that I am committed to streaming the conclusion of my No Retreat! game against @AleccMG on Wednesday evening. So I could play Time of Crisis on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday.


So the game is listed 2-4, but realistically what’s the best player counts?


Four is best in my opinion. Three is workable. Two is not.


Heavy Cardboard has a “teach-while-playing” video which is pretty long, but covers the gameplay very nicely.


jPlay does a walkthrough video that is only 33 minutes long.

Well, ok it comes in two parts.


Heya Bruce,

When and where are you streaming No Retreat? I love that game, and I’d love to watch you guys play.


Wednesday at 8pm Eastern

The video of our first three turns is here


awesome, thank you!


Ok, we are set for a four-player Time of Crisis at Lucky Labrador Brew Pub tonight (Thursday) at 6:30pm. I am going to get there at 6:00 and set up. We’ll have me, @CraigM, @David2 and @Exodor. Another friend of mine is hopefully coming by to kibitz. Stop by if you’re free and say hi.


Whenever I take a trip down to Portland, I always try to time it to hit the boardgame meet up at LL. Most of the time I succeed. I’ll bump this thread next time I’m down that way.


OMG Spooky Rome was not built in a day!


Barbarians, barbarians, barbarians!


Woohoo! Hope y’all are having fun.


Had a great time! I won because I had played the most but @CraigM took my advice and went for emperor as soon as I got it. I’d love to hear people’s takes on the game for the benefit of the audience.


Still only came in (close) third!

Bruce did good, he was the victim of a vengeful barbarian roll set. Those barbarian invasions played a huge role.

Had the game gone longer I think things would have shifted, unfortunately not in @Exodor’s favor. The Franks had gotten a craving for British cooking, apparently.

Would have loved to see a few more turns play out, since it ended right when the major played were starting. Sadly once Rome got conquered, the game about ended. So no real chance to see that play out long term.


I think I had a window of opportunity earlier in the game that I failed to exploit - I should have rushed Italia earlier when the barbarians were abusing @Brooski and @CraigM. I enjoyed the “choose your hand” twist on traditional deck builders but I could have done a much better job of selecting the right cards at the right time.

Looking forward to giving it another shot!


Had a blast! Learning game for surre…had no idea I could cross the water directly! Erp! Definitely want to play again!

The middle east ended up being very ugly, and I was afraid it would end up being that when I took my starting space and chose Africa instead. I wonder if that is common or the exception.


Mathematically it was towards the edge of the distribution curve. Plus the heavy emphasis on the pretenders and Sasanid leaders, having Zenobia as well as 3 Syrian/ Sassanid leaders in events definitely seemed to be that way. Even the nomads preferred Egypt!

That said I maintain that I’m not sure that the Palmyrian allies event was ultimately beneficial. It cleared an immediate problem, but also denied the points. Sure, their early appearance definitely was a setback, but by then I was card gearing to slug it out. It allowed me to take out the Syrian pretender and retake Syria, but lose out on the other battle and the 5 points from it (my plan was to play tribute to deactivate the Sasanids and take out the pretender, next turn take out he Sasanids).

Tough to say, and with Bruce taking Rome, probably not enough time for that to play out.


I went ahead and took the plunge to set up a meetup dedicated to thematic gamers in the area. Finding a pick up euro game is as easy as throwing a cat to hit one…but finding a group that likes meater games is a…challenge. If you have any ideas to help make the group take off, please share :)