And yet Hollywood remakes another movie that didn’t need to be remade. And judging by the tepid ratings for NBC’s Poseiden Adventure last year, it doesn’t seem like there’s much demand for this…


But if you’re going to have a movie that takes place underwater, you might as well get Wolfgang “Das Boot” Petersen to do it.

I saw the trailer for this over the weekend, and spent most of the first half saying to myself “There’s no way they’re doing another Poseidon this soon after the TV movie”, and then after a brief moment of shock at my naivete, the second half of the trailer was the inevitable “Man, that’s so retarded, there’s no way in hell a ship would float upside down like that” conversation with my friend.

That’s a painful misspelling.

Only it’s not:


Might want to check that against the thread title, wolfgang.

Touche Raife. I actually spent so long wondering if the i and e should be the other way around I missed your point totally.

As you were people.