Positech's Gratuitous Space Battles

Our own Cliffski announced that his latest title, Gratuitous Space Battles, will be available for pre-order and “beta download” at some point today.

I’ve bought a couple of Cliffski’s titles before and thought they were good, but the gameplay video for this one makes me want to teleport 20 quid into Cliffski’s wallet right now. If the screenshots don’t bowl you over (and they didn’t bowl me over, really) you really ought to click that link and watch the video.

Come on Cliffski, out with it already.

Currently masturbating.

These gratuitous space battles are not won by plucky heroes with perfect teeth, but by the geeky starship builders who know exactly what ratio of plasma-cannons to engines each ship in the fleet will need.

This, gentlemen, is what we call “knowing your audience.”

But yeah, looks cool! I will definitely be checking it out.

Well, we knew he was working on something like this after a thread where he talked about spaceship parts. But this looks a lot better than I expected. I’ll wait for reviews, because I just have so many games to play, but I’m piqued.

Now that is truly awesome. Where do I buy it?! :)

The “Buy!” tab on the site linked in the OP might be a good starting point.

Not for sale yet?!?! F$#& you Cliffski I’m not buying this!

Damn Matt too obvious! ;)

Very interested in this.

Day 1. Bring it home Cliff!

What are cliffski’s political views? I mean I know he’s kind of an ass, but does he hate gay people or think Obama is Hitler, because that game looks fucking awesome.

It’s a tower defense game, so obviously the planet you’re defending is full of concentration camps about to be liberated by the invaders.

He definitely has shown discriminatory behavior towards pirates.

Glad its almost done Cliff. Go Indies!!!

No sale. NO SALE, I SAY TO YOU!!

Looks like fun.

I’ve been saving $20 specifically for this, let me spend it! I fear that one of these days I’ll come home drunk and spend it on a pizza.

This looks really cool. Is the beta going to be for pre-orderers only? :(

I can’t wait to give Cliffski my $20.

I’ll wait for it to show up on Impulse so both Brad and Cliff can do horrible things with my money.