Posse Comitatus: Alive and Well with Drug Dealers in Baltimore

No, this is not an episode of the Wire. From the Washington Monthly.
African American defendants who apparently believe conspiracy
theories generated by white supremacists:

"A few minutes after 10 a.m., United States District Court Judge
Andre M. Davis took his seat and began his introductory remarks.
Suddenly, the leader of the defendants, Willie Mitchell, a short,
unremarkable looking twenty-eight-yearold with close-cropped hair,
leapt from his chair, grabbed a microphone, and launched into a
bizarre soliloquy.

“I am not a defendant,” Mitchell declared. “I do not have attorneys.”
The court “lacks territorial jurisdiction over me,” he argued, to the
amazement of his lawyers. To support these contentions, he cited
decades-old acts of Congress involving the abandonment of the
gold standard and the creation of the Federal Reserve. Judge Davis,
a Baltimore-born African American in his late fifties, tried to interrupt.
“I object,” Mitchell repeated robotically. Shelly Martin and Shelton Harris
followed Mitchell to the microphone, giving the same speech verbatim.
Their attorneys tried to intervene, but when Harris’s lawyer leaned over
to speak to him, Harris shoved him away. "

That’s pretty bizarre, but an interesting read.

Holy shit.

Helter Skelter.

I found this paragraph utterly fascinating:

Hucksters and charlatans prowled the Midwest as the farm crisis deepened, selling desperate farmers expensive seminars and prepackaged legal defenses “guaranteed” to cancel debts and forestall foreclosure. Since the gold standard had been abandoned in 1933, they argued, money had no inherent value, and so neither did their debts. All they had to do, farmers were told, was opt out of the system by sending a letter to the appropriate authorities renouncing their driver’s license, birth certificate, and social security number. That number was allegedly tied to a secret government account held in a secure subterranean facility in lower Manhattan, where citizens are used as collateral against international debts issued by the Fed and everyone’s name is on a master list, spelled in capital letters—the very same capital letters used in the official court documents detailing foreclosure and other actions against them. The capital letter name was nothing but an artificial construct, they were told, a legal “straw man.” It wasn’t them—natural, live, flesh and blood men.

It reminds me of people who claim that the government has no power to tax them. But even weirder. It’s like someone confused law with magic.

Comitatus, Comitatus, Posse Comitatus!

Comitatus, Comitatus, Posse Comitatus!


Real Life Guvners. Fascinating.

Come on and rock me Comitatus!