Possible 'Frasier' revival?

Totally a rumor at this point, and even if it’s true who knows if it will actually end up actually happening, but I thought it was interesting that they are even considering bringing Frasier Crane back to TV (or streaming services, or whatever) after, holy cow, 16 years. Of course this would be without John Mahoney unfortunately, but possibly David Hyde Pierce back as Niles? I’d give it a look, at least.


Haven’t we found out that Frasier is kind of a dick? I might have trouble watching it these days. And the dad was a big part of the show.

Do you mean Kelsey Grammar is kind of a dick? Sure, I guess. Personally, I can still appreciate Picasso’s work and he was kind of a dick too, so I guess we all have to figure out where we want to draw the line.

Always remember

I loved the Dad and I think Frasier changes as the show goes on. He is a lovable kind of jerk.

House is the show where the MC is the hugest jerk - Frasier seems mild in comparison.

I will never forget Money Plane, and I’ve never even seen the movie.

Yeah i mean the actor, not the character. I loved Frasier when it was on but i don’t see any real reason to bring it back. Wasn’t the character of Frasier a pretty progressive dude? I mean, compared to the father anyway.

Frasier was pretty liberal. Kelsey Grammer seems to have been conservative all his life. And, remember, one of the co-creators of Frasier and his wife were on one of the 9/11 jets. That probably changed him.

I did a quick Wiki search on him. His younger sister was raped and murdered so that would also do something to you.

WOW. His father was murdered by a man with the last name of Niles. His sister was murdered by a man, first name Freddie.

Has he ever talked about that in an interview?

I’d love to see a special episode made along the lines of “My Coffee with Niles.” That would warm my heart. I’m less enthused about the idea of a whole new show.

He’s joining the MCU. Frasier, coming soon to Disney+


He’s already on a super team!

I remember Frasier being the first sitcom that really made me think beyond just laughing at funny situations. It was fairly early on in the show, it was Christmas time and Frasier had stopped at some kind of diner I think, and someone asked him if he was happy. And that caused him to re-examine his life and really examine that question, and finally determine, yes, he was happy.

And I think I was in my sophomore year in college at the time, and that had a pretty profound effect on me. It seems like a common enough theme for tv programmes now, but at the time I don’t think I’d seen anything like that. I’d certainly never asked myself that question before either, and that episode kind of made me examine my own life for the first time. I mean, I was pretty young, so it’s pretty normal not to have done that yet. But I always really appreciated Frasier’s deeper themes after that episode and I paid attention to them.

Looks like it’s a go.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t suck. I think he’s a decent comic actor, and I was a huge Frasier fan*, but unless they can come up with another three-four actors that have chemistry with each other +Grammer, playing likeable characters, they’re not catching lightning in a bottle twice.

*hell, I really liked that thing he did post-Frasier with Patricia Heaton that went nowhere ratings-wise, though I found it funny. Can’t remember the title.

What I loved about Frasier was the writing and how it was like watching a stage comedy on TV. His apartment was set up just like a stage, with the upper and lower stages and the left and right wings. It was perfect.

We switched to YouTube TV recently and one of the channels they have that I’ve never heard of plays Frasier all the time. Been watching it a fair amount and it holds up. Here’s hoping for the revival.

Grammer is right up there with a bunch of people I graduated high school with that I just don’t care to spend time on in post-Trump years. And really, Frasier without Niles and Daphne and not in Seattle? Pass.