(Possible) new "stupid Amazon product with funny reviews" meme

I think this is probably stupid enough, and I tried to get it started with a (hopefully) funny review.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor and (maybe) become Internet-famous!

Stop vandalizing product reviews! They provide valuable information to the consumer.

But that’s a great product, very useful here in Wine Country.

Agreed. As a frequent Amazon shopper, I’ll never know if Tuscan Whole Milk or the Badonkadonk Land Cruiser are truly worthwhile products.

Great product, will review again! Any other product recommendations? Also, it might be a good idea to vote that our reviews are helpful.

Look at this book on amazon…

What is that? Who buying this products?

People named Richard?

Dont get cocky!

People ask me, how do you get Dick from Richard?

I tell them, flowers, nice bottle of wine, dinner…

Damn! Guess I’m a cheap date compared to you.

I’m a slut. But an expensive one. ;)

I mean honestly? Probably bachelorette parties.

I don’t know but I’m sending the link to my mom — and I encourage you all to do the same (for your own moms). It’s Mother’s Day next weekend, after all.