Post all your April Fools crap here ...

So as not to pollute the other threads. Why is every company releasing their crap a day early today?

I don’t know that it’s April Fools related necessarily, but you can play Ms Pac Man on Google Maps today. Nice little workday distraction. Has Blizzard done their April Fool thing yet?

It is real? Is it an early april fools joke? I can’t say for sure.

But what I can say is it’s a brilliant name!

NVidia Sells Bots:

I have been trying to convince some friends that their <13 aged kids already have created their own pages on Facebook in secret, but I’m not sure if they’re buying it.

Cruel April Fools.


I want this to be true :(

If it’s not real, they certainly went to a lot of trouble setting that up if it’s just a joke.

But I feel like it’s just too good to be true. I can print my own clothes? Wtf seriously? That seems insane to me.

I may be true for you, big G.

Finally, an assistant just for your yard…

This is real. They pitched it a few days ago on the KS e-mail, the 30th. Also, it’s also over 4k. I feel more inclined to buy a 3D printer if I am going to do buy something I can feed designs into.

MLB The Show promised a free Mariners legend for logging in today. Naturally in the Ken Griffey Jr heavy game that was Mario Mendoza, career .215 hitter and legend of the Mendoza Line.

The Nier and Nioh subreddits swapped themes today. I approve.

Fur disclaimer, I wrote this one myself:

Ah yes, the Fur Elise.
I nearly bought one, but could find no review that addressed its sound dampening capabilities.

Yeah, me and my little sister 11 months apart. What the fuck mom? Dad?