Post all your April Fools crap here ...

Hey, that’s a tautology!

It is!

Any good April Fools day stuff today?

“good” being subjective. I work in IT so I tend to get a lot of calls on 4/1 because people in the department do something like put tape on the bottom of a mouse, or change someone’s desk phone ringtone, and then they call IT to fix it. It’s the worst holiday ever.

Timex watches REALLY keep on ticking:

I liked this one, from Unity. Not the least because they have actually supplied the code for it.

Got an email with this in it today. Redbox drone delivery!

I held the elevator door open for a guy who had his hands full carrying a couple boxes of Krispy Kreme, which got some ooohs and aaahs from the other passengers.

He smiled and shook his head.

“They’re full of vegetables.”

Well done sir.

Steve Jackson Games sent an email for a new kickstarter for a gaming accessory called a Bag of Bags. Though I guess it’s possible that one is legit.

This may be an all-timer. So much shade…

I lol’ed at “pizza can be enchanting when done properly.”

I really hate internet April Fool’s gags. The damn things hang around on Google searches and throw me for a loop years later.

The Kodi guys do something every year. This one feels like a dud.

Last year, when they claimed to be dropping support for all platforms except the original XBox, was much better.

I guess this one isn’t technically a prank, since it does actually exist, but it’s still kind of funny:

I pulled this one on my 13 year old last year. She loves brownies. So I cut out several capital letter Es from brown construction paper and put them in the pan that we normally make brownies in and covered them in foil. When she woke up I told her I had made brownies for her and that she could have one for breakfast.

She was not amused.