Post in This Thread if You Think Your Life Is Better Than Gordon Cameron's!

Shit, I’m pretty sure mine is!

…except on the buying a second monitor thing; I think the bastard has me there.

Fail. This obviously should have been a poll. Your EE mockery is slippin.

Too obviously. There’s a hidden joke in there not being a poll, actually.

Had he realized before he started the thread that it was a dead-end thread if it didn’t have a poll tacked onto it, he would have done things a lot differently.

Then the joke’s on me! Hehe. Is my Fail T-Shirt in the mail?

The thread itself is the poll.

Will there be a corresponding thread to post in if your life is worse than Gordon Cameron’s? Will we have to create a third thread for those of us who’s life is exactly the same as Gordon Cameron?

You realize that if we don’t have that, Gordon will have no place to post.

Hell yes it is!

My life is pretty great, and all the bad parts about it are my fault.

Au contraire.

This seems like as good a thread as any to finish my Portland story I started in Bob Sharp’s thread. Four weeks ago yesterday I left Alabama for Portland. It took five days, during which I traveled over 3000 miles and spent about $350 on gas. It took about a week and a half to find an apartment but I found a job even before that. They called me up based on an old Monster resume and apparently I blew them away at the interview. So now I’m all settled in on the other side of the country and my first month’s pay should take care of the cost of relocation.

I credit the ease of this move to having a CS degree and no debt.

That’s a trick question. Even Gordon’s life is better than Gordon’s life.

You mean worse than Gordon likes to think it is?

A thread with one reply then. Note that this thread will be slightly longer than the former thread you mentioned.

<3 <3 <3

I’ve never even posted here before and my life is better than Gordon Cameron’s! In fact, when speaking to my friends, I don’t use the terms “fired” or “laid off” or “pre-ejaculation,” I use the term “Gordon Cameroned.”

Try it for yourself! “Geez, Derek, today’s been a really bad day. They Gordon Cameroned me at work, citing the economy, I’m really depressed.” or “They totally Gordon Cameroned me at work for not ever doing anything, coming in late, constantly bitching about my life to clients and surfing internet forums all day.” or “Hey, barkeep, why do all the girls keep Gordon Cameroning me? Am I ugly? Do I smell? Do I give off the impression of being hopelessly desperate?”

The other day this bitch Gordon Cameroned me. Stupid yuppie ran a stop light. The insurance adjuster was floored; said it was the worst case of Gordon Cameroning he’d ever seen, they were going to have to total the car. What are the odds? That’s Gordon Cameron for ya!

Other uses include a synonym for projectile vomiting and scatological porn. Like when you’re at a friends house after being Gordon Cameroned from a dead-on job you somehow managed to hold on to for ten years and the Everclear gets pulled down and somehow it ends up as a mixer in every drink for the rest of the night and you totally Gordon Cameron all in the sink, then in the toilet, then on the bathroom floor. Oh, man, that’s a wicked awful Gordon Cameron, yo! What about if you somehow don’t Gordon Cameron with the ladies and you get a nice chickadee at the local bar wanting a bit of action, and you get her back to your house and she asks you to Gordon Cameron all over her chest. Man, that’s hot.

So, in conclusion, I found it very amusing that someone out there is actually named Gordon Cameron, and that his name is what I use colloquially to describe every instance of failure I encounter. In fact, right now, I’m invading a topic with a hopeless non-sequitur, something I like to call Gordon Cameroning as well. I can’t wait to Gordon Cameron some other topics, like those on education, getting laid, whether I should buy a dual or quad-core processor, the Mars Volta, Starcraft 2 and what Kitsune thinks of Japan. THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!! I can’t wait to start posting here more!

Gordon Cameron you Gordon Camerons later, Gordon Cameron!

King Pin wants its joke back. Heh.

On Thursday, Gordon Cameron utterly kicked my ass in Age of Empires III. Twice. TRUE STORY! Which means I shouldn’t be posting in this thread.


Tom vs. Gordon column confirmed?

Nice! I’ve been wondering about it, actually. I hadn’t seen you post any details. I’m glad everything worked out so well for you. Is it a better job than you had here?