Post in This Thread if You Think Your Life Is Better Than Gordon Cameron's!

I don’t know much about Unicorn McGriddle in real life or anything, but that right there is the best thing he ever did.

I think my life is better than Gordon’s. I managed to score 3 phone numbers at a club last night. Go me!

No hangover, either!

This thread just hit legendary status.

I wish I could write like Unicorn McGriddle just did.

Disciples are just basic frigates, until you research Steal Antimatter. Then they become endless antimatter batteries that stop your opponent from using abilities while keeping your own ships fully charged.

Wish the tooltip for the research that enables that ability mentioned that they have the power to TRANSFER antimatter, as well as steal it. Jesus Christ is that OP.

Well played, Mr. McGriddle. Well. Played.

Huge grin on the toilet first thing in the morning = WIN. +1 for McGriddle FTW.

Heh. Brilliant, Unicorn. Are they ALL actual quotes? I recognize most of them, but did you have to throw in some extra stuff (other than changing a few words to fit the theme)?

Better yet, don’t answer that. It’s probably better NOT to analyze it too much. I’ll just bask.

That was genius.

Just brilliant.

Since Tom mentioned Gordon beat him, I was hoping the ending would lead to Tom self destructing out of reflected misery. Like a supercomputer facing Marvin the paranoid android.

Or Tom rejecting his worldly vices and choosing to live the ascetic life of a script reader.

OK, now my life is better than Gordon’s because my eyes have uncrossed sufficiently to read that Omnibus of Awesome up there. That was fuckin money, sir.

I love Unicorn McGriddle with all of my body, including my pee-pee.

If the thread itself is the poll, then I think we need a dedicated shit b0nerz thread.

Also great post Unicorn McGriddle, etc, etc, and so on.

Well, a scam is just money, but a laptop is totally useful.

That being said, it was a school that purported to teach you how to make games, and sold their $10k per year tuition (which is absurd in Canada) based on this lie that game companies actually physically came to the school to hire people. Average starting salaries higher than what I make today, etc.

The course ended up being a glorified C/C++ course, and anything I learned about making games I pretty much taught myself, with the exception of software rendering, which was, by the time I entered the game industry in 99, pretty much a dead skill.

On top of that, what they also didn’t say was that they’d pass and give a diploma to anyone who paid the tuition – to the point where many game companies have actually blacklisted the school, especially in the Vancouver area where the school was based (until they ran off to the US).

Cost me $20k in tuition, and $10k to live in Vancouver for two years.

NOW! Back to the Gordon scoring – If he can beat people at Tennis, that pretty much guarantees he’s relatively healthy, which, IMO, puts his life as better than mine, because I’ve been having serious health problems lately. Potentially have adult onset asthma, which I’m seeing a specialist on Wednesday to diagnose for sure. I’d say my relative health is probably worth at least a -4.

Money isn’t everything.

I’m more broke than Gordon Cameron, but I’m probably happier.

Poor bastard.

UMC is looking good for Internet Apostle for the Curch of Chick. Hark the word of St. Unicorn, and so on.