Post-Mortem: any good?

I’m always looking for a good adventure game. I played part of Microids’ previous effort, Syberia, and thought it was okay. Great art, interesting ideas and story, but marred by a terrible dialog-tree system, puzzles that were just too nonsensical to hold my interest, and too much linearity (I don’t mind a linear adventure per se, but Syberia kept presenting you with like fifty doors, forty-nine of which would be locked or your character would decide, on your behalf, that you had no interest in going through them).

I liked it enough, though, that I’m interested in Post-Mortem. Has anyone played it? Is it any good?

The voice work is intensely bothersome On the mechanical merits its supposed to be quite decent, really only one puzzle is off.

Installing it this week, probably tomorrow night.

I’d describe it as a well thought out, multi-layered, paranormal horror story with organic but sometimes tedious puzzles and an early beta stage dialogue engine. :wink: The graphics are decent (although not on par with Syberia’s), and there are multiple ways to play out most scenes with nary a dead end to be found anywhere. You can piss people off, lie to them, sweet talk them, or even knock them out and drag their sorry butts into closets; the puzzles may then change depending upon what you have done where, but you’ll make it to one of the three endings regardless.

Oh yeah-- all of the characters bob repetitively during conversations, and although some of the voice acting isn’t too bad, the lead character’s voiceovers are definitely from the shallowest end of the personality pool. A lot of time appeared to be taken in developing the story and the playable paths through the game, though.


Still Life 2 just came out yesterday on Gamersgate. Hopefully there are no loose ends this time. :)

I never got into this series, and now seems like as good a time as any to jump in. Anyone care to comment on how PM and SL hold up?

If you are digging up corpses, you may as well go for the freshest one.

Anyway, I thought the first still life was fantastic.
I didn’t really like post-mortem.
From what I have read so far, the second still life is not as good as the first.
It is apparently marred by technical difficulties, an awkward transition into 3-d, and an unnecessarily tedious inventory system.
Also, it has some quick-time puzzles where you can die, but so did the first one.
The plot itself seems good enough, if you can overlook that other stuff.
But this is all second-hand info, as I have not yet played it myself.