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I don’t normally care for cutesy flash animations, but I think There She Is!, from a trio of Korean guys called SamBakZa, is brilliant.


Cool. My daughter is going to love this crap.


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If you post a nifty thing, I shall post the secrets of Japanese circumcision in your penis.


In your penis thread, that is.

You know what I mean.

-So shall it was written by Kitsune

(P.S. I like the bunny. The bunny is good. Did you know I’m part Korean?)

Do you experience any discrimination in Japan because of your Korean heriitage? I know there are many shops in Japan with signs that say “Japanese Only”. Do these prevent you from entering? What % Japanese must you be to be able to enter one of these places with the “Japanese Only” signs?

Hardly any. First of all, I’m not a good person to ask about that, because neither of my parents were Korean, but it runs in the family and I have Korean relatives on one side (and I can speak it). So you can’t tell just by looking at me or seeing my official documents or anything.

Second, I think its quite rare to see Japanese Only signs, I certainly don’t see them on anywhere near a daily basis, so I don’t think there are “many.” From what I know though, they come in two categories: the Boy Scout-type thing, where its exclusion for a perfectly good reason, but somebody gets all uptight about it and the real, nasty prejudicial reasons, which are what you would expect. Notice also, BTW, that those signs would also probably discriminate against real Japanese as well, burakumin for instance, so there’s no logic for the idiotic. I’ve seen places try to deny entry for kogyaru or ganguro girls and lawmakers try to pass laws that they can’t dress like that in public.

Third, any discrimination I ever do get usually has to do with the fact that I hang out with some Koreans or that I lived in the US for a while. That said, I’ve never denied when asked either. Either way, its about as much trouble as to make minor blips on my life’s radar and to make for lively stories. (When I was a little kid, my best friend was a Korean guy with a Japanese name – still is, actually – and he would get no small amount of pressure and cruel taunting from others – granted, back then bullies are everywhere for every reason – and I would go into bouts of self-righteous fury and try to beat them all up.)

As for what %? Are you joking? I don’t think they are that technical. But anyway, if I see one, I try to report it to the authorities if its applicable. (I am not, of course, going to bat an eye if a say, Noh talent agency, doesn’t want to hire anyone but Japanese, that’s quite understandable.)

Also, I think it varies depending on where you go. There are definitely parts of Japan that are better than others for these things.

In any case, I really think the prejudice around Japan is quite exaggerated. I was surprised to see when I was in the US that the levels of such things weren’t any lower in actual society, they were just less tolerated by the law in theory. (I don’t need any more evidence that our government is evil incarnate thank you very much.)

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Here’s one for you. She doesn’t speak Japanese, but she does speek Greek:

I like to make her ask, “Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?”

Years old, going by the date - but new to me. And thoroughly nifty.

It was posted on Blue’s a few weeks ago, but this is still incredibly nifty. Best. UI navigation. EVER!

First time I read that I thought it said “Geek”.

More stuff for people’s daughters.

I can admit it, yes…yes I did waste a lunch hour making snowflakes.

The one true master of the Flash game:

I was stationed in Japan in my former life as a linguist in the Air Force and commonly experienced a weird sort of prejudice from various business owners. When I would venture out a bit from the local area, but not so far as to be a novelty to the populace, sometimes when trying to enter a local bar or restaurant I would very politely be told “Gaijin dame” accompanied by an “x” motion made with the forearms as I was ushered out of the bar by a very friendly employee. They would be smiling and gently guiding me out of the establishment, and I would comply thinking nothing of it until later when I was struck by how crappy this all was. I was being discriminated against based solely on the fact that I was white, but it was done so innocuously that I didn’t even realize it at the time. I was a visitor to their country, so I tried not to apply western social ideas, but I still can’t help thinking how similar behavior wouldn’t fly in the states. I never officially made the connection, but I did notice some signs near the entryways to some bars and restaurants with a little guy holding his hand up and yelling something in Japanese. Are these the “boy scout” signs you’re talking about and should they have been my indicator to not even try to go in?

I also want to make it clear that I loved my 2 years there and think Japan is a fascinating and friendly place I hope to visit again someday.

Nothing nifty right now, but I’ll find something… everybody seen ?

Piano versions of NES songs.

And my new favorite online game.


From the “No way that’s real” file:

My submission:

A fun little game with no real goals.

My nation is here:

Number 1 in pizza delivery, eh? Not a bad place to live.

I liked that book. Syrup was really good too.

Seems you can paste quite a bit of text into that little box, been entertaining myself by pasting whole paragraphs from forum posts.