Post Scriptum - Large-scale, semi-realistic WWII combat


As many of you may know, I’m a huge fan of the multiplayer game Squad, which is a fantastic team-based, semi-realistic modern day combat game. Think of a much more realistic Battlefield, which isn’t surprising as it’s basically the folks responsible for the Battlefield 2: Project Reality Mod creating their own game.

What you may not know is that a separate dev team worked with the Squad devs to use their technology to power their own team-based, semi-realistic WWII combat game. It’s called Post Scriptum, and it recently opened-up to wide alpha testing. Now, “alpha” in this case is a bit misleading, because it’s very much along.

Check out some gameplay footage (this YouTuber has a 90-second intro, if you want to skip past the music and narration).

Visually, the game is amazing. It’s even ahead of Squad. And the gameplay fills that niche between the zany, absurd, over-the-top BF and more pow-pow, multiplayer shooters. This is a game that is about teamwork, maneuver, suppression, and realistic tactics. Some of the comments in the video are people complaining it’s “slow”, but those are folks wanting COD-levels of action.

Teams are right now about 40v40. Players can be infantry or crew tanks and other ground vehicles. Air power is an offboard asset that can be called-in, but it’s entirely computer-controlled.

So check it out. Here’s the official site.


This looks very promising.


What a terrible name. That’s appalling.


The name grows on you. It sorta reminds me of Halo’s naming conventions.

Some vehicle gameplay.


Here’s where I chime in to object to the standard “maybe you should play CoD” canard that folks who prefer games slanted towards the simulation end whip out in a very Sega vs Nintendo kind of way.

Some of us play lots of games and don’t prefer shooters where you can sit around for an hour doing practically nothing. Pubg sometimes pushes the envelope of running for 30 minutes with nothing happening and it’s not on the hardcore side of the spectrum, it’s kind of straight down the middle.

I haven’t enjoyed a CoD game in over ten years, but I hate all the contrived “realism” of an Arma that does nothing for me from a gameplay standpoint except arbitrarily waste my time.


SquadOps is having a developer interview on Twitch.


Steam reviews mention the game is buggy and needs more time in the oven.


Wow, its really unfinished apparently.


There was a kerfuffle on reddit about how the developers were “lying” because the game didn’t contain all the features listed on the store page. I had a feeling it was a simple oversight by clueless, overworked indie developers that forgot to update the text.


Anyone playing this? I’ve seen mixed reviews with some loving it and others saying performance is bad and there are lots of bugs affecting play.


At first I thought the title read “Post Scrotum”.