Post your pet!


Okay, that “Found a puppy” thread with the cute pic of the doggie made me want to see other pics of Qt3er pets.

Here’s the Shorkie (Shih-Tzu / Yorkie) puppy my girlfriend and I recently got, named Smitty (short for Smithwick):

New Cats

Lilith, whose heart is black, grown over and calloused from lack of use.


This is my Zooey kitty. She used to be tiny and adorable and I carried her around with me everywhere.

Now she is big and pushy and has zero respect for my personal space.

She is also a vicious stalker.


My cat on the couch that is now hers and hers alone:


I think Leah described the growth arc of all housecats.


Samson is a G. rosea, or Chilean Rose Hair. She’s about 5.5".

Delilah is pretty close to two inches now, but this is her before her last molt. She’s a G. aureostriata, or Chaco Golden Knee.

I’ve got two dogs, a rabbit, a guinea pig, a wife and a baby around here somewhere too.


Here is Mina, in disguise!




Alexander the Great ^

Napoleon the Pug (and Morgan the cat).


Here’s my Buddy. Wherever I go, he goes.


Sylvia, my GFs cat.


Crappy cellphone picture I took a while ago of my 2 kitties:


Our Elton, he’s white, fluffy and gay!

My old kitty Boston, may he rest in peace

Don’t have pictures of them yet but we have a Betta (Max Power) and an Apple Snail (Handsome B. Wonderful) we just got last week.




Heh, Ilwrath.

He should get two slugs named Dogar and Kazon, and put them in a tank right next to the spiders’ tanks so the spiders can hear their dark whisperings.


Zoe - 16 yr old Chow/Sheltie mix - Second image is back when she was 1. Got her for my 5 birthday.

Seffy - 8 yr old PBGV


I love the striped shadow in this photograph. How striking!


Me, my wife, and the dogs at Christmas. Peanut is the (red) golden retriever; Sadie is the black flat-coat retriever mix.


I love all of these pictures, but this

is my favourite. Look at that face!


Your dog looks like a muppet.