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Poly. And sometimes, Ratty Poly



It makes me feel better to know our story connects like that, and you’re welcome. Cats are amazing creatures (if maddening at times), and I think you’ve hit the perfect time of year to bring a new one home.

Very much so. Thanks to both you and @BennyProfane for asking. Right now it’s an endless stream of meds and guesswork. I figure as long as she has the will to live, I’m going to do all I can to make it happen and make it as happy and fun for her as possible.


I would have mentioned earlier, but I just didn’t. I’ve shared your story multiple times because it really is cute. As for hiding under the bed… ehh, I had a co-worker who was married to a fireman once… I had to tell her to stop telling me stories about fires and pets. My kitty has one hiding place I am unaware of that I need to figure out, otherwise he’s the first thing I grab during my planned escapes for stuff like that. Under the bed is his number one.


That’s awesome to hear, Nesrie! Yeah, we made a pact back when we first got her: cat first and foremost. After that story, we talked a bit about how we’d handle a real fire with her. Our idea was to put her in a pillow case to help shield a bit from smoke and keep her securely in hand while we made a run for it.


It’s kind of ugly, but I have my pet carrier handy in the second living room space. It’s there for easy and quick access. If that’s not available for some reason, yeah a pillow case would do it. Even if I didn’t mind my arms being shredded, I wouldn’t able to hold him and their instinct is to hide. Heck my remaining kitty darts under the bed any time someone comes to the door. He’s just got one spot right now no one can find him, and I gotta figure out where that is. He goes there when I have someone cat sitting while I away. They may never see him for the entire week because of it but my online camera shows me comes out when they are not there.


I love that dog.


Meet the new member of our family. He is a 3-year old pug that I have adopted from an animal shelter. It seems like he is having so much fun outside the dog cage. I am so glad that we got a kind and sweet dog at home.


Thanks. :)p


2 cats, 4 years, and neither one would use the kitty hut or the hammock, then he just so out of the blue one night while I am playing Stardew Vally on the couch.


He’s a beauty Nesrie. My cat also has a spot a can’t figure out. I swear I’ve checked every space big enough to fit a cat but every once in a while she is just gone. And then just reappears.


It’s insane right? My friends want me to get a kitty cam so I can find it. My house is not huge… but I just can’t figure out that one spot he goes to I can’t find. And the little shit will listen to me call for an hour and not respond at all… as soon as I sit down on the couch to play a game, he’s on me for pets.


Well it wouldn’t be a hiding place if you knew where it was, right? I’m constantly amazed how one of my cats, the size of dogs, can find a hiding place.


One of my cats doesn’t hide under the bed but in it. She goes under the bed and rips the lining off the underside of box spring and climbs inside. Shes done it to 2 beds now. In the event of a fire beyond throwing the bed out the window no clue how we’d get her out.

In other exciting cat news, we had to take another to vet yesterday to get a large chunk of her fur shaved off because she’d got something on it that had stuck it all together. I’m surprised how forgiving she has been so far. If only she knew the worst is yet to come because they found a tooth that needs extracting.


Hah, our male tuxedo does this exact same thing.

So our older, female calico is having issues. She scratches a lot, and our vet – who’s also my sister in law – thinks it’s allergies. We tried a shampoo on her, and it seems to be making things worse. She’s scratching some areas so much she’s pulling hair off and injuring herself. She might have an infected wound on her head because of this, for example. We’ll find out today.

The next step would be steroids, but with her kidney issues, and the meds she’s already on for her kidney and thyroid, might be too much. I’m just really worried. She’s my first cat, and a world without her in it would be harder to live in.

Thanks for letting me vent.


Is she scratching with her hind claws? Yeah, that’s really hard to stop if that’s the case. If she is licking and biting the fur off, you could try a “Cone of Shame” but I’ve never managed to keep one of those on a cat for very long, they are remarkably adept at removing things. Try putting one of those pet diapers on one sometime…

Have you tried a topical ointment? We’ve been told that some of the topical anti-itch things (probably mildly steroidal) are actually okay for cats too.


On our old dog, we had to use the cone of shame for it seemed like off and on for a year because he would bite himself raw… turns out it was his food. He had an allergic reaction to fillers in the dog food which caused him itch and develop a rash which of course he would bite at. We changed the food for both dogs and solved.


Our bed destroying cat suffers from allergies. When she has a bout she licks her stomach and hind legs bare. Its a stylish look for a black cat.


We’ve not, but we’re seeing our vet today, so we’ll ask about that. Thanks.

Glad to know I’m not alone. Thanks guys.


Welp, Murphy is gonna get some steroids for a few weeks, some more bathing, and fish oil in her food! Hopefully that’ll help her feel a lot more comfortable.


Fish oil is a great idea, I had forgotten about that one. It really helps their skin and fur.