Post your pet!


There’s plenty of stories of commercial, pellet food in particular causing allergies in certain cats and dogs. I’ve noticed this with our dogs with a couple of brands we’ve tried in the past, and now feed them a much higher percentage of raw food, but I’m tempted to go a step further and start preparing my own mixture of minced meat, bone, and veggies as the base. Not sure my smoothie blender is up for that task, however, so looking out for a second hand grinder right now. My mum used to have an awesome cast-iron, hand-cranked one when I was a kid, something like that (think “Chicken Run” pies!) would be great. Make a batch, freeze it, done.


My cats don’t require a change, at least not yet, but if you have a local butcher, I think a number of them grind raw pet food these days.It might save you some of the work and blender hassle although it’s not cheap. If you have a Kitchenaid or like mixer, they have grinder attachments.


Claudia is adorable.


So I found some salmon oil at Trader Joe’s, so we poke a capsule and put half in their wet food each night.


The bowls are almost clean the next morning, AND Murphy seems a lot happier too. Yay! Hopefully that with the steroid treatment will help a lot.

Yes she is.


Yes, hiding in the box springs is a natural cat hiding place and hard as hell to extract them. There have been at least 2 maybe 3 vet visits canceled due to the cat deciding that he didn’t want to go the vet and wedging herself into the box springs. Eventually with a combination of treats and toys, and just ignoring them will cause them to leave their safe space. Not all useful info in the event of an evacuation or a vet visit


Absolutely gorgeous shot, @Timex.
Took me a second to realize she is trying to touch it through the screen.
Might you possibly have more of Claudia (in any setting)?


Very good news, Brian. They do love that fish oil!


This is my screen. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


She has great eyes. I love yellow eye cats.




Hah! You’ve made Friday night so much better for me, as the gf is coming over, and I have another Scotch photo to show her. She’s become a bit obsessed with your cat, I’m afraid. She loves this thread, and every animal within it, be she’s latched onto yours for some reason. She’s had a lot of bad days lately, and this thread never fails to instantly cheer her up.


Ooh, well any excuse to post more dog photos to assist with the cheering up! I posted some of these to the photo thread but apparently not to here.

Fallen tree plus thrown ball = fun!

Epic concentration

Catch the ball, all other priorities rescinded

This reminds me of that silly meme that’s still doing the rounds


Much appreciated.
You take totally awesome action shots, dude!
edit: Is that Bolt? She loves Bolt. Also Smaug, in his unique way. She knows many of you guys’ pets by name now, and calls them out when she sees them.

Anybody else that wants to contribute to cheering her up, please feel free to post. This thread is basically all I’ve got in my arsenal to comfort her. I am generally pretty awful at comforting.


Thanks Giles, and yes that’s Bolt and Ursa (the one without the collar). They are happy to cheer people up at all times. :)


“The neighbors pond sprung a leak due to a suspiciously fresh hole? I is the innocent.”

What about my destroyed sandals?

“Fake chews.”




Meet Khan.


Khhhhhhaaaaan…erm I mean… Cuuuuuute!


Dressed as a Beenie Baby for Halloween


Here he is as a pup with his mom and dad. His dad was yorkie/minpin mix, and his mom was shitzu/??? mix. He seems to have gotten the yorkie/ewok genes.