Post your pet!


He looks a little like my sister’s zushan. Super cute.


I noticed yesterday that my dog’s bark is starting to sound old. I hope she will still be with us for several years.


Our cairn during a thunderstorm, quite worried.

Exhausted, time for a snooze.


OMG so many pups. I wanna pet them all!

I am so lucky to work in a dog-friendly office, or I’d have real trouble just looking at all these precious pups.


Great photos, everyone! My girlfriend is here now, ooohing and ahhhing over my shoulder, her troubles temporarily forgotten. You guys are great.


Henry in front, Georgia in the back. He’s a lot bigger than her now.


He got BIG.


They’re adorable! The back one seems to have a narrower face too.


Whelp, I got impatient. I’ve been meaning to build a new PC for two years now, two years! I kept pushing it off and off and now I just went with it minus the video card… and why am I posting here? Oh because my cat decided to “help” me out while I was doing it.

At least I got the motherboard out first.

I don’t know what I would do if he just climbed right in. I thought he just might. His head was in there initially but I was too slow with the camera to catch the sniffing.


National Dog Day!

Starting to get along! :)


Happy National Dog Day from Kaiser!!


This little girl gave us quite the scare this afternoon. Put her nose where it didn’t belong and was greated by a snakebite to the face, just under her eye. She collapsed and her eye was swollen shut so I raced her to the vet. Luckily, she’s got such a big heart that when she saw her friends the vet techs, her adrenaline surged and counteracted the venom. We still got some shots and meds to be sure, and now we’re hanging out on the couch getting sleepy from the Benadryl. Happy National Dog Day, you sweet monster.

Also, Kaiser is a beautiful boy!


Oh my Lord.

Did you find out what kind of snake it was? Glad she is okay.


I saw the back half of it as if went back into the rock wall, probably a garter snake, but it seems that Chut has an allergy to them or at least a significant sensitivity to their relatively mild venom.

Edit: Forgot to thank you for your kind words, Nesrie. So thank you, she’s curled up with my wife, and being lethargically goofy.


TIL garter snakes are venomous. Glad your doggo is okay.


Argh, what a scare DeForrestation! Glad to hear Kaiser pulled through with his superpower: extreme love for everyone. :)

I’ve been away on a work trip for two days and I’m already missing my dogs way too much. Fortunately this thread continues to deliver awesome doggos and cats… um… catters? Cattos? Khaaaaaaaaats?


Such a pretty dog, reminds me of my dad’s bat shit insane over active brittanys.

Huh. Didn’t know this either. Turns out they don’t inject it, it’s just in their saliva and for a human would just be a skin irritant. Having been bitten by one I wouldn’t even say that.

Then of course I had to question whether that’s even venomous or poisonous, since it’s not actively being injected but a little research came down squarely on the venom side still. Too bad, would have been amusing to correct RichVR.


I want to pets all your pets and give them all big hugs.


Thanks! We think she is part some sort of Spaniel, she’s more than twice as big as a full Brittany though :) Bernese maybe or something else blockheaded like an Amstaff breed.

@krayzkrok Your action shots are amazing. Bolt has some serious focus :)


As soon as the boxes are placed, Scotch awakens and claims ownership.