Post your pet!


These mine now hooman.


Hopefully the Bernese mellowed her out because dog that size with the energy level of a brittany would be terrifying.


So we woke up last week to Max with blood on the end of his tail. Fast trip to the vet and it seems that he has a small tumor on the tail that either got snagged on something or he chewed on it. (Eww, I know, sorry) So the vet wrapped up his tail and said to leave it like that for a week. Then we’d monitor it and decide if a biopsy was called for. There is humor in this situation though.

Before, his fluffy flag of a tail.

During, his hotdog tail.

After, he is a possum.


Don’t worry, I am sure anyone with a pet knows how disgusting they can be. Sounds like an easy fix for your pup, so glad he is okay.


His tail looks nekkid!


Oh poor guy! Hoping everything comes back negative, but I got to admit, I did get a chuckle out of the hotdog version ;)


The Pixel 2 has really impressed me with it’s sharpness.


Or it’s fluffiness!!

Also, Harry says hello.


Not a picture, but I hate that my little dog is getting old. He’s my best bud! :’(


(not my photo)


Fluffy is such a poser!



Thanks, Krazykrok! That photo is so sweet.


What has been seen, cannot be unseen.


My wife caught me in a threesome.


So I’ve loved animals for as long as I can remember, but I am not always on the same page as other animal lovers because I feel animals have more limitations and just don’t believe some of the claims my friends make about theirs or even mine for that matter. Since I lost my eldest kitty, the younger one is no longer content to hang out behind my monitor like he used to be. He’s all over me in the morning requiring me to take him off the desk repeatedly so I can work.

I’ve also asked him, with no expectation that this would actually lead to anything, to not sit on my keyboard.

He is doing this now.

Technically, he’s not on the keyboard. His fur is just covering some of the keys and my typing doesn’t seem to bother him at all.


The chief goal of cats is to prevent all productivity.

Also, your cat looks very much like my old cat, King.


Fluffy is like, “should I shift that last 6% over to my Roth IRA instead of continuing to pad my 401k? And where is Chappers with my pâté?”


Wow have you met her Skipper? Uncanny!


You have very lax security at your place, Chaps. You need to up your game.