Post your pet!


She’s adorable as well. Relaxed but ever vigilant of lingering UPS delivery people, cats, or squirrels who might wander by the window.


They know where the love comes from. Happiness is sitting with dad on the couch getting back scratches.


Or as we say around here, “Good thing I have two hands”.


He needs to buy more peanut butter.


But what if I or Fluffy has an allergy?



Allergic reaction will put hair on your chest. Become man.


Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


This isn’t my pet, but it’s going here.



Not a pet, but Kangaroo cuteness!


I’m going to count to three. There will not be a four.


What kinda of cat is that @lamalo? Very distinctive.


My cat perspective is clearly broken. As a kid my mum had a series of cats (after a dog adopting incident went hilariously wrong!) which I can only vaguely remember, but the last one we had was a Birman. Most cats appear to have two facial expressions: I hate you, and feed me. But our Birman was just ridiculously cute and cuddly at all times, and was incapable of scorn. It’s possible he hadn’t yet earned his cat certificate.

I don’t have a photo of Bilbo (I’d just read The Hobbit…), so I stole this from Wikipedia, but he was a bit like this:

Now I have this guy who makes me laugh (this is an extreme close-up of his sooper serious “throw the ball then” expression).


Did you know, dog nose prints are like human finger prints? No two are alike.


One of my Facebook friends has 2 kangaroos as pets, along with 3 Weimaraners. Some of the photos he posts are just hysterical…


That’s a Scottish Fold, on account of the folded ears, and he’s named Scotch.



You have such expressive cats!

" … could I eat a whole chicken? I think so. I mean, I know in theory I could and I have the want for it. Could I eat a whole tuna? Perhaps, but I may have to fast for a few hours prior to it. GOD I’M HUNGRY. Where is the help around here anyway?

Garçon!!! More milk. And bring me 2 of your finest roasted hens. Quickly now, before I dock your pay."


And toast. Dry.


Jake … and Elwood!