Post your pet!


Could always do the YouTube thing. People love unusual and just interesting


I’ve considered something along those lines, but it’s quite a time investment to do it right. At least, the way I’d want to do it. Plus my other half is currently working as a ranger, and it would be far better if it was the two of us.


I think the one on the left is cuter.



I agree. Heck just based on “what’s in my coffee today,” we’d have a good 3 episodes worth of content. More highlights would have been traveling with Smaug. Those pics back then were awesome.


Our tomcat (Maus) vamping for my wife. He thinks my wife is his girlfriend, and he shows off for her constantly.


Someone’s halloween costume arrived…


Dog looking at human off camera: Why hooman? Why do this?


That dog is plotting revenge.


Slippers will be crapped in. Remotes will be hidden. Burglars welcomed with a lick and a smile.


Why do you hate that poor doggy?


And she was just recovering from her little surgery too.

@JonRowe you give her all the dog treats. All of them. Right now!


Well, she is back bouncing off the walls like nothing ever happened.


She put on her robe and wizard hat?




Gizmo, blepping and mleming.

He really needs a haircut.


Maybe it’s because i have cats, but it always struck me as odd to cut a pet’s hair. Seems like they’ve evolved to have a certain hairstyle.


We had to shave our cat due to dreadlocks.


Damn rastafarians.