Post your pet!


Cal-i-co Soldier! In the war for Amer-i-ca!


Bad photo.


He looks like a tiny Buffalo! No joke!


Getting ready for game night, dessert is in the oven, so Shadow decided to make himself comfortable for a nap.

And this is why i go through so many routers, and sometimes the modem. I woke him up taking the picture. It would be nice if they my camera didn’t make noise, but hey, you can see from the cat hair allover my desk. he is around that area often.



Me and the cat and the Netgear Nighthawk War!

It sounds like an Indian war from 1881…


Haha. I have three dead routers in this room right now, Or at least I assume they are dead. They kind of stopped working consistently so I replaced them…that’s in five years. That seems excessive. I should mount the darn thing on the wall but… yeah… he’s cute.

Or the title of a western I might read, back in the days when I read a few of those.


No Kitten No Cry.



Most pets are evolved to die horribly since it was a human guiding their genetics so they had a small nose or something stupid.

Housecats tend to be the best about it because most of them are just random mixes of genes not bred for much of anything. But stuff like Persians can often be too stupid to groom themselves or even take a crap correctly. When you get into dogs, there is a really high chance the animal is designed to die if left on it’s own for a month.


Well, not really, as successful feral dog packs prove quite effectively. It’s a valid point that certain breeds have been over-bred to the point of ridiculousness, but there are still healthy breeds out there, and healthy mongrels too. And a lot of the really bad examples are show line dogs, not the domestic / pet lines. Still, I’m a fan of canines that look a little more like their wild counterparts.


We have two Ragdolls.
We have an attached garage, and when we keep the door open to it - which we often do in the summer, because the male cat simply cannot abide a door closed - the female, who we affectionately call murder-bot, has no problems catching mice that seek refuge there. Since I have uhm issues with killing anything, even mice, I (almost always vainly) try to rescue the poor things. Once the mouse got away and ran underneath the dresser in the extra bedroom. The cat dove under the dresser (must be like only a few inches clearance) and emerged, mouse in mouth. She doesn’t eat them though, just tortures them to death.

Oh, and our cats are excellent groomers. Not to sound weird(er) than I already do, but they smell fabulous. It’s the strangest thing.


Both of my dogs are rescues. The one pictured above was seen around over several months but they could not catch him. He had a massive flea infestation and was underweight, would he eventually die? Probably. But it would take longer than a month.

I spent an overnight on the beach at Coney Island with my buddy Murray the Dealer. We were on the rocks at dawn, smoking joints and hash oil. Suddenly we saw a mass of motion. We ended up running to the boardwalk just in time to miss the pack. Dozens of dogs of all kinds. From German Shepherds to Chihuahuas. All running down the beach. They lived there, under the piers at the end. An amazing and, honestly, scary sight.


I remember the first time my little sister witness one of our kitties killing a mouse. I usually didn’t stop them when they were outside, but he was just walking around with this thing freaking out in his mouse and there’s my little, just bawling. I think we rescued that one but had to convince her not to hate the pets for following her instinct. Now my other sister, she’s move stuff so the cats had an easier time getting rodents.

Between the two of them… I just kind of let things happen but i saved one of the award winning birds, Darwin winning, that came down my chimney.


We rescued a 14 year-old female Chihuahua this weekend. She should be good to babysit our 14 year-old male Chihuahua as a sidekick. Unfortunately she had fleas pretty badly, but we’re treating that now and have her scheduled for a vet appointment on Thursday for a full checkup. She’s SO loving. The prior owner was forced to get rid of several pets, i don’t know what’s going on there but she seems literally starved for attention.

This is Rosie:

And her sidekick, Bear, wearing part of his Halloween attire:


Good for you! Rescues are the best. They deserve all of the love.


All of our dogs have been rescues. Bailey came out of an abusive home and is scared of her own shadow. It took two years for her to trust me enough to get next to me on the couch, and she still flinches occasionally when I go to pet her.


They do indeed. And this is the first adult dog I’ve gotten in a while, it’s so nice skipping puppy training. She’s not the best with commands, yet, but she is loving our home, her new food routine and her new brother.

I’m getting some of that vibe from Rosie, while she will follow and whine for my girlfriend, all over the house, she’s afraid of my voice and me and will flinch sometimes when I move near her. She also growls at me from a distance as I approach but that may just be her eyesight. Getting her to not flinch will probably take a while. She did roll over and expose her belly to me yesterday after three days. That’s a good sign. I gave her the best belly rub.


My dog got traumatized at the dog park, and is now pretty vicious to other dogs unless they’re really chill. I wish there were some way to correct this.


If you’re serious about fixing it or it becomes an issue call the most reputable trainer/behaviorist you know or other pet owners near you refer to, you can ask vets as well. Both trainers and behaviorists can typically work with a dog to help calm aggression. On the scale of actual certifications, applied animal behaviorists usually have a doctorate or masters and are probably going to be more expensive to work with. But I know trainers that have worked with some of my friends dogs to GREAT effect.

One particular friend had an aggressive German Shepherd. Pre-training, she was very possessive of her owners, yard, or people around her vs. any other pet nearby. After training you wouldn’t EVEN know it’s the same dog. She is as calm and gentle as a lamb, and the trainer also worked on commands with her so it was a very big win for my friend. The trainer had the dog for a week and then my friend had in-home follow up sessions with the trainer and her dog, aka owner training.


And whatever you do, ignore Cesar Millan. He’s a dangerous charlatan.