Post your pet!


As a newly minted dog-vangelist. I feel required to post more photos of my dog, Judy.

A story in 3 acts:

She lost the fight against gravity. She made such a loud thump when she slid off the chair onto the floor my wife was concerned. She was just super sleepy.

I am converted, I am a dog person now and forever


That first pic of Judy … so adorable. It’s the look I can never read but I always interpret as, “I’m here. Pet me.” And so when my dogs gaze at me that way, I always do.




@JonRowe - Judy is adorable. And if any further convincing a necessary, think on this. If you locked both Judy and your wife in the trunk of your car for a day and finally came around to let them out, which one would be happy to see you?


Oh, I know.

I had never owned a dog before Judy, always have had cats, but I am a convert.


Judy is awesome. Dogs are awesome. It’s win win!

Dogs must think we are pretty smart!

I always play the peekaboo game with Bolt. He cracks me up every time, which usually results in lots of pets as well. Funny that.


No pics, but I was just admonishing my dog for eating poop in the grass, and she just looked at me like, “You’re damned right I ate poop! And I LIKED IT!!”


Tyson used to snack out of the cats’ litter box.


“Yak, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Lieutenant Chick?”



Max and Claudia, being cuddly.


The doggies dressed up, per my girlfriend’s excellent wardrobe acquisition.


Bear, without the elf hat he shook off:


“As soon as you’re asleep i’m going to eat your eyes and piss in the sockets.”


He has that look, but he’s the lover of the two. A really awesome, laid back Chihuahua. I honestly didn’t know that was a thing until meeting that little guy.

That look is, “okay now that you’re done laughing, can it be food time?”


BTW. This is Buffy. I may have posted this pic before but I don’t see it anywhere. She is a Burmese python. No longer with me, sadly. When she hit 7 feet the wife wanted her gone. We gave her to a guy that rescues snakes.

I bought her at Coney Island as an 16 inch baby. She was so damn cute. I still have her egg and first molt.


I plan on having lots of kids! But I’m giving them away once they reach 5 feet. ;)


Sadly, you are no longer able to buy one in Florida, or keep one, without obtaining a special permit.

However, you can go down to Everglades National Park and have a good shot at seeing one in the field.


The camera on my new phone sure allows me to take exactly the same pictures as my old phone.


It certainly makes your cat look less pissed off. Happier cat photos!


That’s some serious awww right there.


Those eyes are gorgeous.