Post your pet!


Our golden doodle doesn’t shed, so we get a fluffy dog without the loose hair! We do have to get her sheared 2-3 times a year.


Why even have the bed? :)


Happy National Love Your Pet Day to Kaiser…


Happy National Love Your Pet Day to my other pets!


Your snake looks kind of sickly. Are you sure you feed it enough?


He is a bit undersized, I bought him in an estate sale as a slow starter. I will slowly ramp up his feedings, but don’t want to overdo things so I don’t get regurgitation issues.

That said, the species is a slender one even as a possibly eight-foot adult.

Google Spilotes sulphureus to see what they look like as adults…


Well, insanity struck here this week, and we went to New Hampshire to get…a third poodle. Three standard poodles is, I believe, the equivalent of Cthulhu rising from R’yleh, or the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl. Biblical.

Here are our original two, Bowser, 5 yrs, (the apricot) and Eleanor, 9 yrs, the blue:


And here is the little boy, Caboose (or Qaboos, depending on what we decide for the papers). He’s six months, and such a tiny boy:


Freakin’ hound is like a bear cub. We went to get a young puppy, a girl, to overlap. But this older dog just captured our hearts, like Bowser did five years ago (he was also an older pup). So far, the pack is getting along well enough, though Queen Eleanor (full name: Eleanor of Aquitaine II) is…not amused by the Black Prince. Bowser, alternately the King of Dogs, the Clown Prince, or the court jester, is 50/50. He loves a playmate for rough housing, but at times the little (hah!) guy is a bit much.


They all look cute to me. Then, shalt thou count to three. No more. No less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three.

Also I love how older dark haired poodles turn gray all over but in just a light dusting all over their fur. Like they stepped into a cloud of flour raining down. It’s endearing. Queen Eleanor has a little of that.


Yeah, Eleanor was originally pitch-black, but lighted up over the years. We have zero idea about Caboose, whether he’ll stay black, become more chocolate, or go blue. In any case, he’s gonna be one big boy.


When I was a kid my family had a mutt some vets claimed was a poodle (but was more likely a pulli given the length his hair would grow). That dog was a total bastard. Bit me in the face on day #1. Good riddance.


Would you say he was…a son of a bitch?


So, our puppy turns 1 tomorrow.

We go to a pet store in town, specifically because they have puppies to adopt (surrendered litters only, not puppy mills) and they had a litter of golden retrievers that were amazing, and my wife was like, don’t worry about me, I know we have enough animals, and I was like, I am not worried about you, I am worried about me! I have never had a dog before in my life, but I am kind of dog crazy right now. They are the best. But, I suspect having a hound-mix mutt helps. She is just so sweet and fun, she never barks, doesn’t chew anything but her toy, and goes into the crate when we are out of the house.

I think we hit the jackpot. The only problem is that she is SO polite that she doesn’t really know how to let us know she has to go outside. So, that is still a work in progress. only 2 accidents so far this year, both looked… watery. Like she basically didn’t have a chance to warn us.

I thought I was a cat person before, but I am definitely a dog person now.


My current dog would get excited and pee because she was happy to see you. Thank God she grew out of that pretty quickly. (The peeing, not the happy. :)


For what it’s worth, dogs eventually form a signal with you in some way. For my old dog, it was a paw on my leg. Just a quick tap. For my girlfriends dog, he come up to you, looks at you and whimpers. It’s not 100 percent but whatever works.

But they are all about consistency. It doesn’t matter if you take them 2, 3, 4, or however many times a day, keep it consistent in the times you do it. 15 minutes either way can mean pee on the floor somewhere.

At least that’s been my experience.


Even though the temp is cold, Thomasina is very sure Spring has arrived and loves all the birds in the backyard


That’s very cool. I miss cats, but my wife is deathly allergic to them.


So one of my parakeets died. It was the female Merry. Pippin lives on but seems to be less ebullient than normal. Duh. The wife and I were away with two other couples at a cabin in the woods. Sporadic phone and LTE. This morning the wife gets 6 missed calls show up on her phone. Finally she gets through to the daughter and gets the news. Were home now. I feel so bad for the male, he really is quiet, subdued.

The question is now, do we get him a new cage mate? Of will he react violently? Paging @fire and @ChristienMurawski.


Man that is really tough. Parakeets are pretty social. But it’s dependent on where you want to go with the parakeets. If you get another, assuming the male will bond, that extends things again until the next parakeet.

But I hear yah, they react very hard to the loss of their social mate. :(

Sorry to hear that for yah, Rich.


I’m sorry to hear about the loss of one of your birds, @RichVR. If it were me, I’d try to find a rescue / rehomed keet in similar circumstances (older bird, lost a mate). Parakeets are pretty forgiving and should adapt to a new flockmate, unlike other birds which can be much more territorial when you bring in a new bird.


I missed this photo but just wanted to remark how convenient it is that you can just roll the vacuum over your dog and then park it back up against the wall.