Post your pet!

Batz says hello, doing a Where’s Waldo thang : ). And showing off his six toes and thumper feet.

Thanks for asking.

We got the hair unmatted, and now we just need to comb her every other day.

But she’s starting to enjoy the combing, as it comes with cheese.

I will allow combing for cheese as well. That’s an excellent trade. :slight_smile:

Daltrey and Grace both looking good!

and …

Hello Batz!!

Such a cute picture. It’s like he’s part of that collection.

Hazel says hello back to you all.

That is too cute.

We call it licky cheese. It is basically the cheap Aldi/Lidl version of Philadelphia. Sometimes we will use some cheddar too, or bits of chicken.

It won’t be long before she volunteers herself for combing lol.

Hazel has taken well to her daily brushing. My wife is letting her hair grow out to the point she can get a cut that gives Hazel more of a girlish look, instead of her current cut which she calls, “John Bon Jovi look.”

This is her first dog with hair, so she has all of these fun ideas in mind for her. My mom had a Yorkie many years ago but for her it was mostly long in fall/winter, short buzz cut in summer.

I feel we could fall into those eyes! I’m glad she is enjoying life and getting stylish in the Skipper abode.

Rory says “polydactyls unite!”

Rory says “you’ll put me on a diet right after I exsanguinate you!”

Batz gives Rory a hi 5, er …, hi 6!

Well good news, he’s on a diet and I’m still full of blood! Our other cat who has free fed her whole life without issue is very confused why her food dish keeps disappearing during the day.

Never thought I’d have another dog after losing my Dasty last November, but I picked up this wonderful girl yesterday and life seems a little brighter again. Meet Pika:

Hello, Pika!

Hi Pika indeed.

here’s Grace, enjoying a little ray of sunshine.

So much cuteness up in here lately! Pika looks adorable. Is she a Golden?

My wife learned to crochet just for this reason



I am genuinely lol now.

“Why do you forsake me God? What have I done to deserve this?”