" Post Your System Specs Thread "

It is?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say it was a joke or, at the very least, just an excuse to post that gif.

Even if you would have been on it before you wouldn’t have had much fun on IRC because a lot of channels did ban *.*@*.ca for whatever reason just like *.*@*.aol.* .

Someone peed in your popcorn – News at Eleven.

As long as these games work with the original DC all is fine unless he comes to my house and modifies it so that it suddenly has some form of copy protection. If not: free games and we all win.

I seriously don’t understand any of this.


One guy tried to start a hardware “e-peen” thread in the games corner of this forum. This threads always end with people slapping their leet computars around each other (I have an Intel Octocore overclocked to 20 Terra Herz etc.) People didn’t like it and derailed it by posting bullshit.
Simple as that. :)

I could be that, or it could be that a number of us recognized the name of the posting individual (even after several years and intense therapy).

But I could be wrong.

I was expecting more system specs in this thread. :(

Never mind how these threads end… they’re pointless from the very start. I could not possibly give less of a shit what particular mass-market parts random internet people have in their computers, and neither do I expect them to care what I have in mine.

So these threads get a swift dousing in petrol and a lit match.

I think it’s appropriate the thread title is surrounded by quotation marks becasue it certainly is a “Post Your System Specs Thread”.

Maybe because i talked with tom before i was approved through email.

I’m not a troll, thats only in your mind. I don’t go around causing trouble on forums on purpose, the trouble starts because of my views on certain subjects. And i get banned for stupid reasons.

yea you are right, you think, because you obviously have no clue to what you are talking about. I never once bash or talk down on anyone who have Aids, and for you to say something stupid that, you should be ashamed of yourself. Second, about gays? huh? when did i bash gays? never, why would i do that anyway, when i have gay friends, mostly women, but still. And about depression, i only said that depression was not a disease/sickness, thats it.

I never said i was black or white or Hispanic, i said my skin complexion was the same as 2pac, that doesn’t make me black, or white or hispanic or latina etc, because i think i already mention before many times that i am from another land.

You really don’t listen when someone talks, millions of dollars? Well, close, not not there just yet. Beverly Hills? Yes, i was living there. I just move from there not too long ago, and i lived in another part of California. But in about 2-3 years, i am moving for good to burbank, CA.

Be on tv? I been on tv lol, i’m a actor. If you are talking about changing the world, well that is still on. You need to catch up on your daily u2k information man, you slacking. And about the dreamcast, yea i will bring it back one day.

Annoyance? You can’t even read or remember simple sh** man, you coming over to QT3 talking about someone who you don’t even know, and saying stuff that don’t even make sense or i never said. Like putting people with AIDS down, but i’m not annoyance, you the one that is ignorant, not me. SO just GTFO and go back over to OC.

I haven’t done anything on QT3, i’m a nice person and i don’t bother nobody, oh but wait, you wouldn’t know this, because you don’t know who i am, yet alone talk to me in real life.

We plan to sell them in stores and online at the dreamcast/sega rebirth website, for under 30 dollars. 4 DISC DC games will be 25 dollars, while 2 disc will be 20 and 1 disc 17.99. or 14.99 and some 9.99.

Oh hell, it’s on.

Its not on, dude from OC is coming over to qt3 putting me down, so i said what i had to say, i’m done. I just wanted to see what computer everyone was using. Maybe i should of posted this in the hardware forum, but i thought the gaming forum was alright.

peace :)

While this thread is funny I don’t really get why U2K deserves this level of pile-on. Guy just wanted to know what sort of systems we were using and everyone went apeshit :(