" Post Your System Specs Thread "

Every time I read this thread it makes me do this

There are many, many gaming forums one can go to measure one’s e-peen with regards to gaming hardware. This is not one of them.

Well that is quite obvious now.

EDIT: To be honest, it really seems like he was just curious and not interested in e-peen dueling, his system is quite moderate (at least I think it is).

Oh for god’s sake. Dumber shit than that gets posted on Qt3 every day. And system spec threads can be useful to people looking to upgrade.

Why, it’s almost as if there should be some sort of subforum for exactly those things!

On the other hand, this thread would be awesome if the goal is to confuse people that just found the site.

“Hey, a gaming forum, cool. Oh, here’s a specs thread, let’s check it ou- what the hell?”

at the very least, he should have posted in the hardware forum

The pile-on is actually rather mild. It is more folks just rejoicing in the Qt3 sarcastic wackiness that seems to be going on in the thread. U2K has gotten off light if you ask me.

I do hope he will be doing in store appearances and giving presentations once his product is available.

the only thing that would make this thread better is U2K making a passing insult towards bill d.

Aw, the first time I’ve ever seen an Adree repeat :(

What the hell is that from?


I remember that around '91 or so, you needed to have an in with a group like a regional Unix Users Group for a chance at getting access through them. There was a BBS I used that had Usenet access (running a package called Waffle), but it wasn’t really true Internet.

I hit university at just the right time then though, and could access it through the labs there. Everyone soon learned how to set up a program called “tip” that let you turn dialup access into the lab machines into a NAT-like PPP connection, for true Internet access at home. Still essentially pre-web though, so you just had FTP, archie, gopher, telnet…

Its like i am in the Twilight zone or something. Its like if i ask someone for waffles, and they give me pancakes. WTH