" Post Your System Specs Thread "

See, this is why we need avatars. I used to use the OD horse on another forum.

I’m still waiting for the pages where Latawnya goes into withdrawal and kills Mother and Father horse with a hatchet.

I simply posted because I like the meta and found the original topic useless.

Also there’s a sub-pileon (if you will) going on, but that’s people who apparently knows the poster and drags stuff in from other forums. I couldn’t care less and my eyes glaze over, just like when Dave talks about GAF or Bill and NWJ argues about Caltrops.

This thread delivers!

I read through the entire story expecting to see horse sex. It didn’t happen so I’m disappointed.

Is that the jump to conclusions guy?

I know this is shopped, but it just made me cringe all the same.

Seriously though, what the fuck is OC? I have never heard of a forum called OC, unless it’s the private Orange County forum to follow Laguna Hills or whatever.

My brain also melted about halfway through Angie’s horse story, but god damn was it epic. Angie’s kid is going to have some big shoes to fill.

Maybe those “Overclocking” freaks that cool down their CPUs with liquid air so they can run with 6 Ghz or something.

I hate, hate, hate Duke basketball…but this is hilarious.

I also thought U2K lived in the beautiful metropolis of Glen Burnie, Maryland?

Far2Paranoid: Knew this guy in HS
Far2Paranoid: Built a box with 2x 350Mhz Pentium2, back in '98
Far2Paranoid: The trick was, filled his bathtub w/ glycerin
Far2Paranoid: Took apart a mini-fridge and used the coils to cool the glycerin to ~40F
Far2Paranoid: Then sunk the box so he could OC the CPUs to 1.3Ghz
Far2Paranoid: Coolest shit I’ve ever seen.
AlbinoChpmnk: If this was sitting in his tub, how did he shower?
Far2Paranoid: After what I just said, what makes you think he showered?

Also, I think we can all learn a lot from Latawnya the naughty horse about life and even ourselves.

He apparently used to Dave, I think Griff or someone found that information doing google snooping back on OO, but that was like 3 years ago.

Of course, at the time, he claimed to be an actor in Beverly Hills, and claimed his ties to Glen Burnie and the big mall out there were just him visiting family.

Sure, and the Dreamcast will RISE AGAIN.

So explain again why we need to revive the Dreamcast. Is it like some funny quirk meant to make this guy stand out on forums?

Can we have pics please.

It’s part of his shtick for his little persona-he keeps talking about how he is going to bring the dreamcast back to life by privately funding and programming Dreamcast games and fabricating the hardware somwhere-I don’t remember exactly how, but he spread his inanity and idiocy on at least 3 other forums I used to frequent before getting banned for being a troll.