Postal 2, number 1 in the US and Russia

According to Vince Desi -

Apparently he uses the local .99c Super Emporium for sales figures. Though that doesn’t explain Russia…perhaps they only have a ‘select few’ games.

Apparently, Postal 2 was the #1 selling game at GameStop (not sure on the retailer) for a single day, so he’s not lying, per se, but it’s still really misleading. To suggest that Postal 2 is anything more than an embarassment is silly.

According to NPD (PC Data), Postal 2 has sold a whopping 12,314 units since it went on sale. That’s nowhere close to a #1 rating.

The only sequel which will sell in numbers that will garner the NPD #1 will be released 9/9/03. I am picking it up if only for that splendid box art at the site (above). That game: Sierra’s Lords of the Realm III.

It’s been a long time since all my people were fed by dairy.

Are there still gamers around that know the Lords of the Realm series well enough to make it a number one game?

Or have they all been shot to pieces?

Well probably not, but I am doing my best to drum up interest. Poking fun at Sierra and Adam is just the start. Shooting Electronics Boutique some box art may help, too.

Well Vince should be pissed, considering he had to spend the meagre Postal2 earnings fighting The Man.