Posting problem

I was trying to post the following:

It’s to the point that I treat my electronic equipment as disposable and thus won’t buy an EW for them (especially given that the EW’s are done by companies such as Circuit City or Best Buy that just assume they’re going to screw you when you make a claim – my Olympus CaMedia had an optional EW for it and it covered a SINGLE event, period)

And receiving an Internal Server Error - Action Not Acceptable. The culprit is that where it says “Circuit City” I put in its initials (CC) and would receive the error.

Are you sure you haven’t double posted it? Alot of us have been getting a similar error but our posts still go through, you just have to press back a couple of times and refresh the page to check.

Also, if you make a double post you can quickly delete the second one provided no one has posted after you. Saves editing and saying “double post” :wink:

Pretty sure, since it was happening on preview, not on submit.


Not only that, but just cut and paste the quoted section in my first post, substitute the Circuit City with its initials, and try to post – it’ll die. In fact, that combination of characters seems to cause problems no matter what.

In double fact, just the following sentence:

C C or Best Buy

Crashes things (remove the space between the C’s).

CC or Best Buy

Whatever it was must be fixed. I tried this when BTG originally posted it and I got the error too, but now I don’t


Trip, it works for me now.

Now if you try to write Amazon or any web address with .com in it, your monitor explodes. Lucky for me I have a spare one, so I can get back to posting.


The issue has been fixed.


Um, out of curiousity, what was it?