Posting sounds on a blog

I’m wanting to do a sound a day and post it on a blog. My technical skills are modest - any suggestions for free software that might suit? I had a look at blogger, but it doesn’t seem to do anything but pictures…

Thanks in advance for the help!

Bumping this because I’m curious, too. You might be better off posting this in the tech forum, though.

Do you have any tools to start with? Off the top of my head you’ll need

  1. A sound creating program (no clue)
  2. A way to save to mp3 (winamp writes .wav to .mp3 easily)
  3. A place to upload the mp3 to
  4. Any old blog to link to your hosted mp3

Also, are we talking sexed-up sound effects or just straight mic recordings? The built-in windows recorder will record from a microphone to .wav, and you can write that to .mp3, and then you can host it somewhere, and then link to any blog. /shrug

A cool chick named Alicia Frantz recorded interesting sounds around Chicago and posted them in a sound blog called Audible Frequency until she died in an accident last year. Here’s her description of her methods, and here’s her archive (now maintained by her friends).

Cool, thanks for the help. I’m a sound designer/composer so the sounds will be sexed up to use your awesome phrase. Sexed up to the MAX. I’ve got all the sound gear i need, and I think my ISP gives me some hosting space to put them on. I’ll check out that blog - cheers!